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Mag Capacity and the Regs?

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  • Mag Capacity and the Regs?

    Heres the scenario. You are out hunting coyote or any other fur animal with an AR-15. What is the largest legal magazine you can carry? I have been told you can carry a magazine that holds no more than 4 rounds, but I am unsure.

    I have been reading the regs but I have not read anything that limits the size of a magazine. Chances are I missed it. Can anyone point me to the right page?

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    I've never heard anything about mag capacity. Never encountered anyone who was concerned about it either. I often carry an AR type rifle on my snogo. I use 20 round mags but generally only put 18 in it. The mag fits too tightly in the rifle if you fill it up.
    I would recommend carrying something with several least 10. Never know when you might get a chance to smoke the whole pack!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Sorry Steve..................couldn't resist)
    I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
    I have less friends now!!


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      Never know when you might get a chance to smoke the whole pack!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I couldnt help but laugh. I almost spit out my beverage. That was the funniest line I heard all day.

      Ok now I am being serious. I have heard you cannot carry a rifle with a mag over 10 rounds unless the person hunting with the rifle is of native decent. Others say you cannot carry a clip over 4 rounds. It really isnt an issue for myself, but I am trying to magically turn mud into spring water for a fellow coyote hunter.


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        OK, I'll be serious............there is absolutely NO...........let me say that again NO, NO, NO...........regulation for hunting, fishing, trapping, not even for cheating on your wife, that has ANYTHING to do with RACE. (I'm excepting the Marine Mammal Protection Act). Not at the federal level, and not at the state level. The next time you hear something like that...........laugh in the persons face.
        I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
        I have less friends now!!


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          Never heard of a magazine capacity restriction for hunting fur bearers or big game.


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            Marentrapper is right about AR magazines. Never top it off. Always at least two rounds less than full or you get feed problems. i.e. stove pipe or double feed. I prefer M1As because you can top it off without any problems and I prefer a .308 over the .223. To each his own. btw, the AR uses a magazine NOT a clip.


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              For those all day hunting trips.....


              The 100 round magazine for an AR-15.

              That should do it!

              The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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                I've never heard of a magazine capacity regulation.... except waterfowl hunting.

                Load up your Mini-14, AR or whatever floats your boat and have a good day.


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                  100 round mag lol.

                  allthough i dont know a time u would use them all unless u were gettin ataked by a pack of wolves and a couple of mountain lions.


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                    And when it jams, the weight of all those cartridges left in it will add to the club effect!
                    There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.:eek:


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                      I recall a magazine capacity limit about 15 years ago that said you couldn't carry a loaded magazine for hunting purposes that held 20 or more rounds in them. I remember it being an issue because at that time, I wanted to go rabbit hunting with a Ruger 10/22 with 25 round magazines but couldn't. Thankfully, such an unnecessary law does not exist anymore in the hunting regs or Alaska firearms laws as best as I can tell. Not sure when it changed as I have only recently moved back here from the lower 48.

                      There is still the shotgun shell restriction of course, but that is nothing new.


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                        This probably is not the right place to ask this but.
                        I was under the mis perception that native folks had a lot of leeway in the taking of fish and game in the State.
                        Is there a web page that addresses the issue??
                        I have seen some heated debates on the topic in the past, probably fueled with fiction not fact.




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                          Flintlock, there was a federal law concerning clip capacity for some time. It came out of concern that mass murderers such as schoolground shooters and post office shooters etc could kill less people and have less firepower if there was a limit on ammunition capacity. (of course there are ways around that such as carrying multiple clips) That law was either recently repealed or was sunsetted. As I remember there wasn't a law against owning a huge clip, just making them. For some time after the law passed you could still buy them from dealers who had the foresight to purchase large amounts of them (at highly jacked up prices usually)
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                            The law expired..... All the banned mags are now okay.... It was illegal to own any (hi-cap) mag manufactured after the ban date. However all (hi-cap) mags manfactured after that date where supposed to be marked "law enforcement only" or something like that... I don't remember the exact wording.
                            I believe the (hi-cap) mags can be banned state wide such as in California.... and on eBay..... there where just to many people being killed with hi-caps within 500 ft of eBay I guess.......................

                            As for stuffing 20 rds in my AR mags.... I personally have never had a mag malfunction in over 20 years of shooting either military or commercial rifle.... all malfunctions where due to broken/failed parts. I had several broken extractors and a bent firing pin.... don't even ask me how that happened! I have no idea!!


                            p.s. anybody ever accurize a Mini-14? Mine does good the first 5-10 rounds. Then the skinny barrel warms up to much.....
                            I fired a Mini in 7mm TCU that was great fun!!! Would love to own one!!
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