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Grey Frogg Toggs for sheep hunting

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  • Grey Frogg Toggs for sheep hunting

    Has anyone ever used the grey Fogg Toggs for your sheep hunting whites? I'd be interested in knowing if you think they would work even if you haven't used them but have seen the color. I know people make their whites not-so-white, so would this light-grey color work?

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    the other day i found camo frogg toggs. maybe on cableas site. i didnt look closely. maybe they have snow camo? good luck.
    if you want me to find the link let me know. rem700


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      Frogg Toggs & Noise?

      I looked at them and put a set on last year, but I thought they were too noisy. Does anyone else think they are noisy or have they changed the material?


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        Frogg Togg

        Beaver Sports in Fairbanks has been trying to sell theirs on clearance. It was like around $30 a set.


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          I saw some white ones at Big Rays in fairbanks.
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            I thought they were noisy, until I washed them. Then they were much better. I will wash my next pair before I use them.


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              Frogg Togs

              Sorry if this doesn't hit the target you have out there, but we're getting a lot of new folks here who may not be aware that this product has been discussed many times here in the hunting forum.

              You might check the archives on Frogg Togs; the general view seems to be some serious questions about durability and general effectiveness. Sounds like a waste of money to me. That may be why some retailers are dumping them.

              If you're asking just about their effectiveness as over-whites, that's a different matter. I'm speaking of them as rain gear.

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                Originally posted by Michael Strahan
                If you're asking just about their effectiveness as over-whites, that's a different matter. I'm speaking of them as rain gear.

                That is the information I am specifically looking for. I also don't want to rehash the Frogg Togg as rain gear issue. I am just wondering if the grey color used by Frogg Togg is white enough to be used as over-whites. I have a pair of the grey, but I will leave them home and take a Tyvek if the grey color might not work.

                My thought when I bought the FT was to use them as over-whites and rain gear, saving myself some weight. But now I'm having second thoughts on relying on them as my rain gear. I'll probably take my Helly Hanson Impertech rain gear, which means I still need to bring over-whites. Will the grey FT suffice as over-whites?


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                  I would skip the FT, stay out of sight and try and get above them, take the tyvek suit and use it only when you absolutely have too. The HH Impertech rain gear is good stuff but you will sweat like a hog if you hike in them. I recently halibut fished with a fellow that used a set of the camo FT rain gear, it rained most of the day and within a few hours his ended up letting the rain seep through.


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                    i do not know if this could help at all but ravenwear has white fleece suits built to order. pricey. i just found them recently. thought i would share.


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                      Stay Away!!!

                      I would stay away from the FT's. I took a pair on a sheep hunt last year. In the 1st 10 minutes that I wore them, all the seams let loose on the pants. Upon my return when I called FT to try to return them,(had been past 30 days to return them to Sportsman's Warehouse) which they would not do, only replace, they said, "it happens, we glue our seams and sometimes the glue does not hold".

                      Not a good thing to have happen to you on day 3 of a 14 day sheep hunt!


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                        Frogg Toggs

                        I had the same issue with my FT's last year on a hunt. Seams blew out within the first hour. This rain gear is not buit for busting brush or any activity that will continuously put pressure on the seems. They will rip open. I bought mine from cabela's however and was refunded a couple months after the hunt.


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                          I got my new Marmot Precip raingear in today, looks awesome, is extremely lightweight compared to the Impertech I have been toting and if turned inside out they are a light grey/white color, these should serve me great. Oh thought I would mention both items are on sale at Campmor, Jacket and Pants.


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                            Rain Gear

                            I like the Marmot Precip much better than any LW Raingear I have tried.
                            There is no perfect raingear but it is agood Aug. Sheep LW rain gear.


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                              whites for sheep.

                              just a quick note...... Buy yourself a pair of painters ti-vex suit and get some black tea and die them in a large pot for 5min. and you will have the color that looks real close. just my thought on whites


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