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Hitting the Haul Road Soon

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  • Hitting the Haul Road Soon

    I am getting ready to hit the Haul Road the first of September. I will also be hiking out the 5 miles to hunt. I will be bow hunting by my buddy will be using a rifle. It wont be the first time weve had to hike caribou out five miles but I was wanting to see if anyone has been up the road lately or when they have plans to go. Its nice to hear whats going on and see what others are getting. Its been a long time since last years hunting and I am ready to see some fur fly! Well, God bless and may your aim always be true.

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    Went up to happy valley two weeks ago did not see any caribou. Talked to some peope on the way up the only ones they saw were just outside of Deadhorse.


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      Haul Road

      A couple of buddies and myself are heading up the Haul Road at the end of September. Good Luck up there.
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        Heading UP

        A few of us from Idaho and the Fairbanks area will be heading up next weekend and into the first of September. We will be hunting archery and I don't imagine we will be hiking in the 5 miles. See ya up there!


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          As of today, Aug 14th, there are still bunches (hundreds) of them between Toolik Lake and PS-3

          Good luck
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