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  • saw bears yeah!

    was having a bad day had to put the dog down and so jut had to get out of town to clear my head ! Went to check out kenai lake and see if it still is frozen well it has chunks of ice but mostly clear so thats good went up snug harbor road to the gravel pit and on the snow slopes saw a nice big grizzly watched him heading towards the left where there is another snow shoot and imagine my surprise but there was about a 6+ black bear working that shoot they were a couple hundred yards up but it was like God saying its alright here's some bears everything is going to be ok anyway great trip. the bears are starting to come out.

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    Great News

    Sorry about the dog I know it sucks as we all have to do it sooner or later.
    \I was up North again tonight, no bears yet and the ice is still on some of the lakes.


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      Sorry about your dog. Mines getting up there in years and I dread the day...

      Was in Seward twice in the last two weeks. Both times saw black bears on the Calisto side of the bay on the hillsides so they're definately out. One was out stalking goats. Got some great video. Thought about going to Skilak in a few weeks to check that out. Anyone see any black bears in that area?


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