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  • Freeze Dry Wrapper?

    Fellow sheep hunters, i was wonder if you take your freeze dry and put it into ziplock bags or any other way to package your food just wondering every oz. counts.GOOD LUCK


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    saw it once

    Saw it done once.... Had a guy take 1/3 of his meals factory sealed and then tranferred the other 2/3 into ziplocks... Claimed to save a fraction of an ounce per meal. He would eat a factory sealed Mt. House and then pour a cup of boiling water into the foil pouch, swirl it around and drink the water.
    His plan was to use each foil pouch for three meals and then start with a new one.

    He'd neatly fold up the "semi-clean" foil pouch and re-use it with a Mt.House transferred from his ziplock stash the next day...

    My opinion... Novel idea but lacks substantive savings... Besides the posibility of BAD things growing in a dark, wet food laiden foil pouches the fear of getting my food stash wet or otherwise contaminated just is too high...

    And no matter how hard you try the left over flavor inevitable ruins the next...

    Novel ideas are just that - NOVEL.... While good ideas just make sense.


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      I'm with WinMag on this one. The same guy probally cut the handle off of his tooth brush also.


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        Mt madness

        Tooth brush... what tooth brush - Who you trying to impress?

        there is merit to such exploits but you still gotta see the big picture.

        All kidding aside he did devise an alcohol burning stove that was all the rave... Wanted to take it as our main stove. Talked about how quickly it would boil water and only wieghed fractions of an ounce...

        Okay I'm game.. then I got the gear list and learned it burned fuel at a rate 10 times that of most... We would have been carrying a gallon of alcohol to fuel this small fire breathing dragon...

        As I said sometimes Novel is just that... NOVEL

        Any how, if I'm wrong here and someone has a legit, (safe) way to save lots of weight and is as simple as the standard MT. HOUSE bags... I'm all ears.


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          Freeze Dried

          I have tried most of these ideas. A few years ago I repackaged my mt house three to a package and vacusealed them. You can put them in a pot or old wrapper to cook. It worked fine and they were good the next year also. I also once bought the bulk Mt. House on a sale for 10 a can and repackaged it in individual meal size with a vacuseal. That worked fine also and saved money. But now they have those shrink wrapped meals which take up less space. And packaging more than one meal together forces you to use it that trip after you break the seal. So from now on Ill just use the shrink wrapped ones as they are easier to carry. I haven’t seen the bulk mt house on sale since as that was a great deal and I would do that again. If at all possible I like my food in individual packages as its easier to ration your food for the trip. I even buy my trail mix and crackers in the individual packages. All of the wrap is burned anyways so you don’t have to carry it out (except for mt house foil). I would be interested in others ideas also…
          “I come home with an honestly earned feeling that something good has taken place. It makes no difference whether I got anything, it has to do with how the day was spent. “ Fred Bear


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            Vacuum seal bag experience

            I repackaged all my Mt Homes one sheep hunt into Vacuum seal bags. My idea was to pour boiling water into the individual bags, seal folded top with fork tines, then completely burn empty bag. I think I saved .5oz per meal. Worked great EXCEPT for any meal containing rice. They poked holes in the vacuum seal bags (kind of like pin bones) After that experience, I just use the original packaging.


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