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  • Goodluck Sheep

    Well just wanted to say to all the fellow sheep hunters good luck and be safe and most important climb higher than the next guy.The big day is near.

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    good luck for sure! take lots of pics and post them with the story of your hunt.


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      still almost ...

      two weeks till opener.

      Lots of packing/tweaking and workin out yet to do for some of us...hit the trail today with son for 3 miles with 50 lb packs, felt great. More weight/miles to come....
      Proud to be an American!


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        +1 on that Frank. Remember I am hunting with a guy that goes in for 7 days at 30 lbs and counts his body fat losses for more than a couple meals!. Still havent quite figured that out but I am working on it. I can see them little white dots way up high already!!!!!


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          TMA here I come . . .


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            9 days until I leave, but who's counting? --Every real sheep hunter is counting. Anticipation is half the fun, at least.

            Look carefully before you shoot. And make that first arrow count. I'm more excited than I have been in many years

            No fires this year to keep us out of the mountains. We are all in shape, shooting well, and the stage is set. Good luck to all of you fellow sheep hunters.


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              season opening


              it is nice to see you on here. i hope you will stop by from time to time to dispense some wisdom. i enjoyed your books. i have six more weeks to wait till my turn comes.

              we should make a thread on how all the sheep hunters do and how the conditions were.

              good luck to everyone.
              Cold Zero
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                2nd that Tony. Really enjoy your sheep books. Have been reading and re-reading it. This will be my first sheep hunt. Very excited...Good luck to everyone. Enjoy this great land and what it has to offer.

                Leave it better than you found it...
                Psalm 18:34
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                  Ditto on all the above. Thanks for the books Tony. This is the first year my hunting partner and I put in and we got DS203. Headed in on the 8th. Went with another friend 3 years ago. He had DS203. He got his ram and I got the bug. I had the pleasure of packing out his sheep. Hopefully I'll be packin mine this trip. Can't wait. Life is good.
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                    I too would like to wish everyone safe and successful sheep hunts. It's fun to feel the youthful anticipation in the posts...sort of like Christmas. However, it is strange that we look forward to such a difficult physical and mental challange. I guess we do it because the mostly unexplainable rewards of hunting mountain game far outweigh the effort! I hope that everyone posts a hunt report with photos of rams or the country. I'm heading to Anchorage on Aug 31 for my hunt so I'll have a couple of weeks to chomp harder on the bit by reading your stories. Thanks for all of the great information these past few years.


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                      Wait fer me, fellers..

                      My son and I are scheduled to hunt with Max Schwab of Talkeetna starting Sept 7.. our first trip to Alaska. My son drew a Rocky Mt Bighorn tag ten years ago, and I was privileged to video that hunt.. backpacked in to the Wyoming Range.. (I was ten years younger....hmmm)any how.. save one for us.. I'll be looking forward to your reports and pictures.. Hope theres a couple of good rams left.. Les


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                        Good luck to everyone this season!! I still have over a month to go before I head out but i'm doing a pre-scoput fly-over tomorrow evening, what a great way to start August!!


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                          John, have you thought about dropping water into the area you might choose while scouting? Might save some work....
                          Be safe up there...

                          Proud to be an American!


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                            There is plenty of water in there coming out of the mountains, if anything, i would really like to drop off a few ribeyes and a cheesecake!! Thanks for the thought Frank and good luck to you!!


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                              tik tok!

                              22 days and counting..Delta here I come. Good luck everybody! Jason see you on the flip side!


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