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  • Horse hunting advise

    My buddy and I are doing a Brooks Range walk in in a couple of weeks. We plan on taking one horse as a pack animal only. I have limited experience with horses and Im worried about the horse. Whats the odds of looking down on our base camp with binos from the top of the drainage and seeing a grizz, or maybe a wolf pack eating our horse. We were just going to hobble him at base camp. Maybe Im worring about nothing. Any good advise from some of you that have experience with horses in the brooks?

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    some experiance

    Ive hunted three times in Colo with horses.. They can be a pain in the ass.. my biggest reccomendation would be to insure the horse is hobled or tied up very good.. two of three times ive been out with horses they gotten free and walked miles away from camp... its not fun trying to find your horse when you should be findin elk..
    anyways.. other than that they were fine... only other issue is youve got to feed and water them, so that consumes some time..

    Good Luck!!


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