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President Vetoes TMA sheep hunt!

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  • President Vetoes TMA sheep hunt!

    President Vetoes my TMA sheep hunt!!

    This is going to be short story that I need to write about!! Cause that is all that I can do anyway!
    Imagine my surprise when the winter draw results came out last January. January 28th to be exact. You have won DS102, that’s the message I saw when I clicked on my name!! Holy cow a Dall Sheep tag in one of the most coveted areas in the great state of Alaska, and my first time putting in for it. I know some may say that is not fair or whatnot but I played the game and won the tag.
    January 29th came and I was posting messages and buying books and looking at packing lists of hunters who already know what they are doing. Since then I have read 4 books on sheep hunting, talked to many, many people with ideas and information that only can come from experience. Bought and studied several videos on how to hunt and how to field judge the Dall Sheep. I mean hey since I have the opportunity, why note try to find the biggest sheep I can. I now own a .300 WSM. Good gun I heard. Although I am an avid traditional bowhunter I listened to many folks and followed their wisdom. This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME HUNT increase your odds of killing a sheep and use a rifle. Although the kill is not what the hunt is all about to me I did decide to use a rifle. I was going to take my bow into the mountains for a couple 4 day trips in August and if that didn’t pan out, the 1st of September would find me going in for 10 days with the rifle.
    I can say that I now have a ton of gear that I did not have at this time last year. Double gear actually, because we had to outfit my hunting partner, My Wife Heather, as well. She has been so great in helping with research and the purchase of gear and calling people and buying maps and just listening to me rant and rave about this piece of info or that valley or how good a certain ridgeline looks.
    We went from planning a walk in off the highway, to a fly in, to a ATV ride up the Tok River Drainage and then a walk in. Have 3 areas picked out for base camps and then was going to hike in and hunt with a light packs!! Many, Many people have been such help with planning this hunt. Thanks to all of you..
    As some of you know my unit and are a currently sitting in Iraq. Two days ago we were counting the six days left until we were headed home, Alaska bound at last….. And then came the call..
    Went something kinda like this:

    Hey Smoke, this is the President. Would like to invite you to stay a little longer in the desert. You see we have a desperate situation in Baghdad and really need more Soldiers to head that way. I know that your Soldiers have had a long year and you are hot, tired and ready to come back to the land of English speaking people but I need your help! This Nation needs your help so I am asking you and your men to stay a little longer.
    Well Mister President, I respond. Sounds like you do need our help, I am wondering if you could just hold out a couple months though. You see I have this TMA sheep tag that I drew and the wife and I would really like to make it to those mountains and carry out all the preparation that we have put in. See the fruits of our labors. This is a hard to come by tag and we would like to make the best of it!!
    Well Soldier, he says. I hear you and am truly sorry for your predicament, however, the enemy always has a vote too. And right now his vote is strong and load. You are going to have to miss that hunt! But you are young and will have many years to enjoy the great outdoors!
    OK sir, I’ve been doing this job for a few years now and understand the way it works. My Soldiers and I will use this night to be pissed off. We will go get some near beer from the chow hall and talk about all the issues and have a cold one. Tomorrow we will come in with our heads high and a warriors grin. Ready to go visit the capital of Iraq and put the enemy where they belong. Thank you for your time……
    And thank you he says…

    Well maybe not quite like that but you get the jist of it. There is one very lucky 40” up there in the mountains this season!!!
    Enough of the drama, just felt the urge to write a few things down. Maybe I can convince ADFG to hold a tag for me next year!!!


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    I heard about that this morning, I can only imagine how you and your boys are feeling right now. What a bummer is all I can say. Keep your head down and watch each others backsides and get home safe. If you guys need some video's or magazines just let us know and we'll try and get some off to you all! Godspeed!


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      Sorry to hear about the extended stay. I hope that sheep tag finds you again. Just wanted to thank you and all your boys for keeping America safe. I think of you guys daily and how lucky we are to have dedicated men and women protecting our freedoms. Thank your wife for keeping the outdoor spirit up while your away and come home safe.


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        Ditto what AK45 said


        I'll echo AK45's thoughts. Been reading about the 172nd having their tour extended. It's making all the papers, not just up here. I loved your message title...was thinking, "What? The president vetoed his hunt? Huh?" <grin>

        Sure was sorry to hear the Arctic Wolves weren't coming home on schedule. You guys keep your spirits up.

        Mark Richards


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          I heard about this and posted on this news yesterday, PC. What a let down.

          Its probably no consolation, but you guys are the best.

          None of us are "hunting" if we have to be kneeling to Allah three times a day in the marketplace...Thank God for resolve and our warriors.
          Proud to be an American!


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            Thank you for your service!

            I firmly believe that you should get to keep this tag and be able to hunt next TMA next year, and I am going to write my Senators, contact the Game Board, and do whatever I can to ensure this tag is not removed from you by virtue of your unwaving support to the USA and the IRAQ. Your efforts are to be commended and you should not be unduly punished because of this. You've served your year, and as such i am sure you would not have put in for this permit if you knew you were going to be exteneded.

            Im not talking about giving out tags to anyone in the military serving over seas, I'm talking about people that have been extended on thier tours of duty that would normally have been back from service etc.

            I doubt it will go anywhere, but - I think if anyone deserves a "tag extention" you do



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              Great Idea Cutter !!!!!!!

              I'd be more than happy to contact Rep. Peggy Wilson and Sen. Bert Stedman on plentycoupe's behalf. And I think if the pols hear from enough of us they'd make it happen. Just need to know some specifics -- like real names, etc.

              Forum Moderator: Any way we can do an online petition?
              In God We Trust.


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                It probably won't help you this year plentycoupe, but someone should put in a proposal that any soldier who gets drawn in a war situation and gets an extention of duty will recieve a tag for the next season after his tour is over. His tag for this year can go back in the draw for a list of back-up hunters. It's the least the state can do to show how much your sevice means to the state and country.

                I'm guessing this means no deer hunting too. Any leave time in the next 5 months?
                An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
                - Jef Mallett


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                  Message to Congresspersons

                  Although I do not live in Alaska, I'm hunting there this September. If plentycoupe would pm his name, town, unit # I would gladly send a letter to my congresspersons in his support.


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                    I dont think the name is needed per se, just that as twodux states, anyone in the military, that has drawn a tag and is in wartime duty, and has been extended, should get his/her tag re-issued for the next year. It all starts with Action, and youf local F/G Advisory Committee and Game Board NEEDS to hear from you. Copy your legislators!

                    Any of you Non Res out there are more than welcome to send letters to our Game Board in support of this. You are as much a part of this state as we are when it comes to items like this. The people with the power to make this happen will do it if enough people show support, and even if not, then know that you tried, nothing ever happens on it own. Sometimes it takes a nudge, and sometimes it takes a hammer.

                    My wife will attest to this first hand!



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                      F&amp;G rule change petitions

                      If you go down to your local F&G office you can access a form to request a change in fish and game rules and regualtions. You then fill out your form with what changes you want and your reasoning and tey will submit the request to the board. The board will set up a hearing to consider requested changes and have a period of public comment on the requested change.

                      If we want the power of this forum to be felt then all of us who are physically able should submit a request:

                      that all active duty miltary personel who draw a permit shall be awarded a replacement permit for the following year if said personal is either unexpectedly deployed to a combat zone or said personel's tour of duty is extended beyond their original return date. Said extension shall be awarded to all Alaskan residents serving in the armed forces regardless to where that person may be stationed.

                      Just a thought that some of our sons and daughters returning on leave should be given the same considerations.

                      What do you say? let your actions be your answer



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                        Forum take charge!

                        Perhaps this Forums' Mods could design a petition that we could sign on to.
                        That petition requesting tag extensions should become automatic for those helping to preserve our freedoms. For without them, there may be no hunting.
                        So, how about it Moderators, lets see if we can get something organized to help those in the military on extended service time or any other missions that would prevent them from hunting.


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                          Here is the link to the BOG proposal form. I am an advisory member in Valdez and will do what I can to support a change for our troops. I have corresponded with Plentycoupe before and know of his problem. Lets see what we can do guys to help out our troops.


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                            Plentycoupe, along the lines of cutters idea, write a letter to your state rep and senator and ask them to speak to F&G on your behalf to see if you can be reserved a permit for next year. I can't imagine anyone objecting.
                            I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
                            I have less friends now!!


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                              God Speed

                              God speed Plentycoupe, keep your head down. Alaska is proud of you, your job ensures our way of life, hunting included



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