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Ankle braces or boots with great ankle support???

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  • Ankle braces or boots with great ankle support???

    Anyone have a good recommendation on Ankle Braces that fit under boots? The other option would be a new pair of boots with good ankle support. I will not be hunting the mountains this year but will be hunting the tussaks in the tundra. Any suggestions?

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    try these

    There are some great boots out there but if you combating an injury this is what I did.

    It's a tight fit but years ago after a sever ankle sprain I wore lace up ankle braces under my boots. First started wearing them with waders but opted to fit them under danner's as well. The ones I used were similar to what pro athletes wore.

    I no longer need to use them but they sure worked...

    check below for a line of similar supports.


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      Ankle Braces

      There are some quality ankle braces out there that would be a lot more comfortable under boots than the lace up ones. They slip on and have a couple of velcro type straps that wrap. I'd look for them at any sporting goods store.
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        thanks guys

        Thanks winmag and carnivore for the ideas. I was curious if anyone knows of a particular brand that fits under boats as I live out on Nunivak and can not just go to a sporting goods store and take a look .


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