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  • tccak71
    Agree w/Mud

    Its for the experience. Primarily for the meat; but considering all of the preparation, time off work, etc. it is truly for the whole experience.


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  • eatwildgame
    eat it

    Username says it all!

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  • AKmud
    interesting and thought provoking....

    At first I was going to vote for meat but if you think about it, taking vacation time from work, fuel, supplies, gear, etc... I could go buy 1/2 a beef and be money ahead every year. So, even though I thoroughly enjoy the freezer full of steaks and burger after a successful moose hunt, it has to be for the experience. There are things you see while at moose camp that you would never be able to describe to non-hunters/outdoors people. Sitting by the campfire on a star lit night makes a person feel pretty insignificant. But it is a good feeling!

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  • martyv
    meat...and experience

    When I moose hunt it is primarily for meat.

    But I'm going sheep hunting this fall and I don't plan to bring a rifle, just a pistol for some bear protection. My brother-in-law will have a rifle. He wants a sheep. I just want to be in sheep country again.

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  • Boss Gobbler

    There are many reasons we all hunt. It may be obvious to some that I am a turkey hunter. There are not "trophy" turkeys in my mind. An adult turkey is a trophy and I hunt them for the pure pleasure and enjoyment of interacting with the animal and gettin up close and personal with them. It doesn't hurt that they are great eatin birds. Other animals I hunt for the same reason, but maybe look for that better trophy quality animal, but all are trophies to me and I remember them all. I love to eat wild game so I take please in "bringing home the bacon." Hunting in Alaska requires a lot more work to bring in the animal once it is down than it does in Ohio where I grew up, so there is more of a sense of accomplishment that comes with taking a sheep steak or moose burger out of the freezer than a white-tail deer that took 5 min to load in to the pickup. The entire experience is rewarding. Even if I did not take an animal but watched the excitement of my best friend shooting a 61 inch moose on his first trip to Alaska. Being in Alaska is awesome. I truly wish everyone could experience the solitude and beauty God has created here for us to enjoy everyday.

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  • RayfromAK
    Ooops! I voted too fast. I do hunt for meat, but I also enjoy the experience of hunting along a couple of friends. Last year I didn't kill a moose, but my hunting partner did on the first day of the season. We brought the meat home, then to the freezer, and went back to the hunting grounds to enjoy a few days of vacation.

    We have a great time out there, eat plenty of food from oatmeal to steaks and onions, and so do some of the hunters we socialize with each year. Since my hunting partners snore quite loudly, I sleep by myself in my 8'x10' wall tent, where my gear includes a small table, a chair, a large cot, and even a small Honda generator. We even have a park-type BBQ grill in the center of the campsite. This grill setup is a clothes washer drum, topped with a heavy iron grill, and works very well for us. I am certain that we smell "delicious" to the bears, from all the steaks, sausage and other stuff we BBQ out there. I wash my face, beard, brush my teeth, and even wash my whole head sometimes before going to bed, but I can still smell BBQ steaks in my nose hairs as I drift into sleep
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  • mdhunter
    Experience, Meat, Trophy...

    in that order. Shot three nice caribou, kept all meat. Kept one set of antlers, gave the others away - those antlers are sitting in my basement, not sure what to do with them. Have memories to last a lifetime, and still trying to get that moose! Gonna give grizzly a shot this fall too...

    good luck to you spring bear hunters,


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  • Michael Strahan
    started a poll Meat / Trophy Poll

    Meat / Trophy Poll

    Meat (just the part you eat; no "trophy meat")
    Trophy (antlers, cape, hide, skull, etc.)
    The hunting experience (for yourself or others)
    Okay, this one should be interesting. Only three choices, so you have to decide which is MOST important to you. I know this is a complex question in some ways, but here goes.

    What is your PRIMARY motivation for hunting Alaska. Even those who have never hunted Alaska can do this one. I know we all have multiple reasons why we do this, but if you had to choose ONE thing as your primary motivation, what would it be?

    Last edited by Michael Strahan; 05-11-2006, 17:47.

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