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    Differs Animal to Animal

    When I go hunting for bou or moose it is for the meat normally. A couple years back I did a lone flyin moose hunt, even thought it was a nice 60"er the time in the field was all about the experience. When I take the boy it is about the time in the field together. When going bear or goat hunting it is more of a thropy hunt.


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      Every Reason Possible

      I would have to honestly say, I enjoy for all reasons. I have dreamed of hunting Alaska since I was a kid, just had the bug I suppose. Now that I am here, I dreading the day I leave. But not just hunting here, hunting any where, just having the ability and choice to enjoy what we are blessed with have, it makes it all worth the time and effort. From the meat to trophies. Ain;t nothing better than grillin the steaks with a cold one, lookin at the heads in the window and remembering all the good and bad with all my family and friends!!!


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        Age and Animals affect it.

        I read somewhere once that there are 3 stages in a hunters life.

        The first stage is just getting out and be able to shoot your gun/bow and bag the animal.

        The second stage is the Trophy stage where you will pass up any small animal for the chance at that really nice trophy.

        The 3rd stage is not careing if you shoot anything and are just happy to be there in a beautiful place with family and friends.

        I would hope all of these stages of a hunters life include meat care and not wasting anything. We as hunters have the responsibilty to teach those arround us hunting ethics in every respect of the animal.

        I belive I am in between stage 2 and stage 3.
        I hunt for a trophy animal in every species. I dont need the meat and in some cases different species are better tasting then others.
        I do however make sure none of the meat is wasted. Shelters in my area are so greatful for the meat that it would be a shame not to help them out.

        I voted for the experience, but trophy came very close. Meat I put last not because I dont respect that aspect of hunting, but because I dont need the meat.
        I will be going on a Black bear hunt on the 4th week of may down in S.E. AK and they tell me the locals there are greatful for the meat. If they are not in need of it at that time I wont hesitate to Take it home or find someone else who is in need of it.
        Sorry for the lengthy post.

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          why i hunt

          I work as a manager over seeing a department of 40 plus. I aslo work in the hospitality business. As you can imagine it is flat out crazy. I hunt to get away from it. I hunt to be able to relax and actually listen to nothing, but in reality listen to alot like birds, mosquitoes, calls of cow moose the bleet of a lamb sheep in the fog, the sound of the dog swimming across a lake with a duck in his mouth, the 6 wheeler, the snow machine, the sound of my buddies shotgun, the sound of a ducks wings as they fly over, the sound of a bird hitting the ground and yes the sound of nothing at all other then just plain natural nature. Words do not do justice as to what the experience in Alaska is. If i shoot somthing and if i get a nice rack it just makes it better. Just think of how much different the food tastes, how cozy it is laying in a tent and hearing it rain. How exciting it is just to sit on a snow machine and wait for a flag! For me it is the experience for sure then the meat then the rack. Thanks!


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            I hunt for the experience. If I am just hunting for meat or trophy antlers than its not as fun if you get skunked. If the main goal is to have fun on a hunting expedition a great time will be had even if an animal isnt bagged. Coming home with meat for the freezer is an added bonus.


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              If you didn't get my earlier message, about $100 to ship 90# via air frieght from Indian Valley meats to Dulles Airport in northern VA.


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                Promote hunting

                I usually don't take an animal anymore unless it is as the backup guy. The experience of watching young and older hunters alike enjoy the sport of kings. It is such a wonderful thing to have these oportunities for our expeditions in the Wilds of Alaska. Watching my Step son take his first big game animal of his life. The way he reacted, The smile that still 8 months later crosses his entire face when I brag about our hunt together. The trophy is indeed to me-- that we have added anouther member to our hunting world. I hope I can be a good example always of true sportsmanship and ethics. That is what brings me the most joy.
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                  What kind of animal?

                  Originally posted by VA Steve
                  If you didn't get my earlier message, about $100 to ship 90# via air frieght from Indian Valley meats to Dulles Airport in northern VA.

                  What kind of animal was this? Did you donate any? Finally, is this 90# of processed?

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                    I was fortunate to go on a sheep hunt last year, with my brother. We have wanted to get to Alaska all of our lives. As much as I wanted to get a ram it didn't matter in the least that I didn't get one. The anticipation of finally going to Alaska helped us through the months of preparation and working out. And when we finally got in the mountains all I can tell you is that it was a spiritual experience. The best part for me was that I had my brother to experience it with me - no amount of photos or talking can convey what we saw and did, but he and I have it with us forever. The EXPERIENCE.


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                      Shipped Meat


                      Ended up with almost exactly 100# of boned out caribou meat to Indian Valley meats, which turned into about 90# of processed (with other filler added to hamburger, etc). I kept all the meat we brought out of the field for myself and also had a mount done - that was about $365 to get shipped back to VA.



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                        Cool. The poll still works.
                        Interesting thread.
                        No habitat, no hunter.


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                          This is not an easy choice for me as the Experience is what I live for, and while in the woods and not hunting, it is clear to me that Hunting Ramps up that "Experiencing," many times over.
                          So I hunt to Experience the woods in a more detailed, "Tuned In" way,

                          But I voted "For the Meat" because I do get in the woods in other ways, a lot, Just cruising the coast in the boat, Walking the Woods all the time, just to get "out there".

                          So when I am Hunting, yeah, realistically, I am after Harvest, and it is all work, serious work to get it down and taken care of well. I don't think you can buy the same quality meat in the store, this is the Best Food for my family. So I have to do it Very Well, no screwing around with Meat Temp, etc. It's definitely not a vacation for me.
                          I'm almost always a solo hunter cause I don't like to get distracted by the social stuff, etc. Get enough of that in town.
                          Yep, Hunting is the work of harvest season for me, primarily.

                          Sure is a nice place to work though, even, in pain, soaking wet, or stretched to the Max,

                          Definitely, "Smokes an office day" pretty completely
                          Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !


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                            Considering the cost of store bought meats & moose meat, it's a no brainer...


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                              Everything else is part and parcel of filling the freezer.
                              Now what ?


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                                Sometimes I find myself walking or riding, gun slung or in hand , and I'm Hunting, but Im not sure what it is I'm hunting......

                                Wow, 2006.....I didnt even have a computer then...........
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