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  • Sheep recipes

    Being the ever eager optimist I was wondering if any of you sourdoughs would be interested in sharing your secrets to getting the most gastronomical delight out of the meat you harvest on yuor sheep hunt
    ?Or to make a long question longer care to share some sheep recipes and meat handling tips to bring out the best in the meat?

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    Best way to eat sheep meat

    1. Kill ram
    2. Build fire out of whatever wood you can find
    3. Cut long geen willow branches
    4. Stick a bunch of hunks of fatty pieces of meat on the willows
    5. cook over fire
    6. eat until gorged
    7. Wait 45 minutes
    8. repeat

    The meat will never taste as good as that first meal over the campfire. Don't skip it.


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      Maybe I should clarify

      repeat starting with step four, unless your partner has an unfilled tag!


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        Yes indeed, nothing better than a fresh pile of seasoned sheep ribs cooked over an open fire.....caveman style!!


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          And don't forget the heart if salvageable!
          A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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            Never hunted sheep, but with deer we take an onion on the trip.

            1) Fry onion.
            2) When almost done, add strips of liver.
            Cook only until the color of the liver changes. No longer.

            3) Wonder why the liver people buy in the store tastes nothing like this.

            WARNING: Do not attempt to eat an entire moose liver while the rest of the hunters are out chasing other game. Not even if you have an entire week left in camp. All your hair falling out is only the first sign of Vitamin A poisoning.


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              chefs of the north

              These cooking instructions might be a bit to complicated for a greenhorn like myself, but I will try to carry them out to the T.

              Any tips for the wife who is not going to see the fruits of my labors for a day or two after the harvest?

              And call me crazy but I always like the taste of store bought beef liver. Can't wait to try fresh sheep liver.

              Thanks all and happy hunting.


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