Esther Island Black Bears in May-June?



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  • Esther Island Black Bears in May-June?

    A few friends and I are being dropped off by a charter to Esther Island for Memorial Day weekend for a black bear hunt. None of us have been there before, so any hints/tips/advice or warnings would be appreciated. We’ve study all the maps and gone through the usual planning process, but some firsthand insights would be very helpful. Region 2 biologist didn’t have much to say beyond stressing the importance of being selective with any harvest, and also advised it would be a “no **** hike” to get to the lake- lol. Apparently, harvest of sows and young males increased a LOT last year, so not good for population management.

    Plan A: hike inland to Esther Lake with rafts to paddle around and explore after glassing from elevation for a while. I think the charter is dropping us in Granite Bay, but this might change based on conditions, route-planning, etc.

    plan B: camp and hunt the outer (Western) shoreline. I’m hearing snow is still deep out there so wouldn’t be surprised if we opt for Plan B by necessity, but will be ready for either.

    I’m told that we can’t be dropped off anywhere near the hatchery, which would have made lake access much easier to reach, and then we could paddle north to legal hunting areas. Oh well… we

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