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Still trying to find a good place to hunt brownies

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  • Still trying to find a good place to hunt brownies

    Allright Ive been here a year and a half and I cant make up my mind where to hunt for a brown bear. Ive been contemplating unit 20E for brownie and bou but have heard no knowledge of the area besides a little on this website. Any techniques or general areas to go would be greatly appreciated. I bought a .50 beowulf and am desparate to try it out on a bear. If youve never heard of a beowulf its basically an ar-15 with the power of a hot loaded 45-70. Thanks for any tips. Closer to Anchorage preferrable.

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    Any river drainage along the Denali Hwy (I prefer the Paxson side myself) will get you a grizzly bear. ATV off the road a bit, then find a good vantage point to sit and glass. If you have dependable binoculars that are worth a hoot, you won't have any problem locating a grizzly bear or a black bear.


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      Yeah matt is right, the denali is a good place to find a grizz. Unit 20E is great also. Theres a trail at just about every mile marker on the taylor it seems. Go up the taylor and head in towards the dennison river. Alot of nice bears in there. Ya just got to get out and explore. I hunt the taylor (actually I call it exploring) every year just to learn where the trails are and scout around.

      As for close to anchorage, you dont have to much of an option except out towards the eureka area. Alot of people but there are some nice bears in there. Just gotta work harder. If you go to the alascom towers (sheep mtn area), go in about 5 miles and break off the trail and head into the mtns, I'm sure you will see a bear. dont go in the gorge, its pretty

      Plenty of places, just depends on how bad you want one.


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        skwentna river

        Fly in or float the Skwentna, you can hunt the berry patches up high or the spawning salmon down low, either way there are lots of many in fact you can take two. Seemed to be plenty of wolves around a few years ago too. There's not much hunting preasure either especialy up on the berries as most people stick close to the river but there's still good hunting on the river too. this would be unit 16B, PM me if you have any ????'s
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          Questions for ya thunder?

          I haven't spent much time that far south. What is the weather normally like at the end of Sept near Skwentna? More than anything what is the river like and what type of boat do you need to do the float trip? How shallow is the water in that area?


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            You might want to consider Hewitt (sp?) Lake, there's some real bruisers in that area.


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