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    is there anything special about hunting nunivak island? example trespass fees?

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    There is a native land use fee, yes. I think its around $200-$250 if I remember correctly, at least that is what it was just last year (2019). You'll usually just pay it directly to your transporter. That is also the cheapest fee associated with that hunt.


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      thank you johnny


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        Oh...there is a lot to know about this hunt. I was just there Sept 2020. Of course the Native land fee, %200, but lets start in the beginning. The prices I list may arent exact.
        Hunt permit=$500.
        Charter with Grant Air from Bethel to Nunivak $250 each way = $500
        Overnight stay in Bethel before and after hunt $200/nite. Grant and Alaskaair are not on a schedule to accommodate same day
        The cost of a transporter. Not going to get anything below $4000.
        Meat/hide/horns back from island via Grant Air I think was $1.30/lb= 300 lbs ~ $400
        So you are looking at roughly $6000 for this trip. Good time. If you go into as its a once in a lifetime deal. It is not a challenging hunt at all, just a lot of work with meat hauling and logistics.
        Have fun if you go.


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          I know just about everyone mentions the transporter fee. Is it necessary to use a transporter? Required by the village?

          how far from the airport are the caribou? Is it possible to hike it? Inflatable canoe?



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