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  • 40 Mile Herd Time

    Looking for some updated info on the Chicken/Eagle area part of the herd. I've hunted the Steese area but thought I would try something different. I know that the fires had an impact on the herd last year but was wondering what people know about the herd currently.


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    Have you tried the caribou hotline? The number is below. I have not called, as I don't plan to hunt fortymile this year. They generally fly the herd a little before the season and update general patterns on the hot line. They WILL NOT tell you where the caribou are, just the general conditions, but it can be very helpful. I hunted on Chicken Ridge last year and it was not too bad. It's a bit like hunting at the mall, with all the people, but once you get off the atv trails, the people thin out a bit. Last year got real smoky on the second day of the hunt, but it still ended quickly, so if you are planning to hunt 20E, I would recommend hunting earlier rather than assume the hunt will be open at the end of August.

    Fortymile Caribou Hotline
    (907) 267-2310


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      I usually head up to chicken around the end of aug. I tried doing the chicken ridge thing but way to many people, especially last year since taylor mtn was closed. I just kept on heading north. Same as us, the boundry fire shifted and on the 2nd day got smoked out. Year before the trees were on fire yet.

      Its gonna be busy again this year since taylor mtn will still be closed. I'm not sure if I'm gonna head up there this year or not since my hunting partner (wife) blew her back out.


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