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The Excruciatingly Official Unit 13 Caribou Thread (2020-2021)

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  • Yes I have also heard of caribou along the Lake Louise road lately.<br/>Reports also say people are shooting to, from, on, or across the road up there.<br/>Also be careful there are cabins along that road <br/>Last year hunters were shooting towards some of the cabins while chasing caribou <br/>Be careful folks stay safe and stay legal!<br/><br/><br/>Sent from my S41 using Tapatalk<br/><br/>
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    • Just FYI - Unit 13 caribou hunts (DC001, RC561 and RC562) close tonight. DC485 has already been closed for a week or two. Here is a link to the announcement: Nelchina Caribou Subsistence Hunts Season Closures (


      • I always like to look through the draw stats each year to see if anything jumps out at me. With Unit 13, it surprised me just how consistent it remained this year from last year, despite all the talk of people saying they are going somewhere else after things like BLM locking down areas people typically hunted. Here are the numbers from last year and this year for comparison:

        RC561 = 3065
        RC562 = 3821
        DC485 = 2000/13305 (15.0% draw odds)

        RC561 = 2919
        RC562 = 4182
        DC485 = 2000/13906 (14.4% draw odds)

        A tiny bit of shuffling, but not much. Numbers of people getting Tier 1 actually went up slightly (6886 in 2020 to 7101 in 2021) and about 600 more people applied for DC485 this year compared to last year. I'm sure some people get fed up and look elsewhere, but my feeling is that most talk big, but then when it comes down to permit application time, they either tempered their feelings as time has passed or they realize that even with whatever the drawback was, it is still the better option than their alternatives. Whatever the situation, it is just fun to look over the numbers to see what changes or what doesn't change from year to year (at least fun for me since I am a numbers guy).


        • Interesting, thanks for the list.
          My opinion is many people use the 485 permit as a back-up hunt. If they got nothing in the draw except this tag, which has fairly decent odds of winning compared to most other accessible hunts, then “at least they got one.” Makes you feel not quite so bad when you put in for 6 of each species and get nothing else. I am not belittling the tag (or maybe I am?), it’s the only one I got this year and I am excited to hunt it. But I will still gripe about the amount of toilet paper along the pull outs, the crazy shooters, the reckless drivers, etc. and I’ll put in for it every year I am up here.


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