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Brand-New Moose Hunting Book Now Available!

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  • Brand-New Moose Hunting Book Now Available!

    Hi folks,

    I finally completed my second book. The first was “Float Hunting Alaska’s Wild Rivers”, a thorough treatment of all aspects of the Alaska float hunting experience, including write-ups on fifty river systems around the state. This new book is "The Alaska Moose Hunting Guidebook", and it is the first book of its kind to discuss Alaska moose hunting in depth. Here are the raw data:

    Click image for larger version

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    Pages: 275
    Illustrations, graphs, charts, etc: 330
    Format: e-book (no print version available)
    Platform: Macintosh computer, iPad, iPhone or similar.
    Retail price: $23.99
    Download: You can purchase and download the book AT THIS LINK.


    Some time ago I produced another publication with a similar title, and we have been selling it on the site here for $19.95. It’s a condensed overview of moose hunting in Alaska. Once it was out there I realized that we needed something far more detailed, so I wrote this book. The previous publication will continue to be available on the site here for those interested.

    This book taps into my 30-plus years of moose hunting experience as a do-it-yourself moose hunter, a registered Alaska hunting guide, and as a paid mentor/coach to do-it-yourself moose hunters from around the country. I don’t consider myself an expert on Alaska moose hunting, but I am probably a veteran moose hunter. Most of what I know about moose hunting was picked up in the field and around a thousand campfires, from experienced moose hunters and moose guides from all over Alaska. I have learned from my many mistakes, and have probably thought of one or two new things to add to the storehouse of knowledge about Alaska’s moose and moose hunting.

    This book has its feet solidly planted in time-tested successful methods of planning and executing moose hunts anywhere in Alaska, and it has another leg forward into some of the newer methods, gear, and field practices we need. The book emphasizes the same hunt planning methods and tools I use with my consulting clients, which have resulted in very high success rates for my hunters.


    I chose an e-book format to keep costs down. Print books are expensive to produce and ship, and these costs make it into the cover price. The e-book allows me to insert video and audio content, update the material easily, and produce it with less expense. This allows me to keep the price down so you can focus on the material rather than the money you’re spending. Currently the book is launched on Apple Books. If there is enough interest in an Amazon Kindle version, I can port it for that platform as well.

    The book is in landscape format. I did this so I could fix the layout so it doesn’t change from one device to another. This keeps my charts and graphs intact. The book looks best on a desktop computer or an iPad device. You can read it on your phone, but the print is pretty small and the user experience is better on a larger-format platform. The book includes several slideshows that you can navigate backwards and forwards as you prefer. It also includes some audio components to teach you how to call moose.


    The Alaska Moose Hunting Guide is both a primer for beginner moose hunters, and a peek into advanced tactics used in the guiding industry to increase your chances of harvesting moose. It contains solid information on camp setup strategies, hunting tactics for moose, gear needed for glassing for moose, and tips for locating moose when there is no spotting hill from which to glass. It also digs into calling tactics, moose biology and habits, and movement patterns throughout the day, establishing the peak times during the day when moose are typically encountered by hunters, and how to leverage that information to your advantage. A section on how to judge legal moose leads into a section on making the shot, which also includes tips on sighting in at the range, and the factors that influence accurate shooting. The booklet finishes up with a detailed section discussing the pros and cons of float hunting for moose. A must-have for anyone interested in hunting moose in Alaska!



    Chapter 1: Orientation to Alaska Moose Hunting

    Goes into how Alaska’s moose are managed, permit, drawing, and general season hunts, a discussion of subsistence hunting, and the role Alaska’s indigenous peoples play in moose hunting and management.

    Chapter 2: Finding a Hunting Area

    Focusing your hunt, types of moose hunts, dealing with hunting pressure (locals, nonresidents, and guide operations), researching a hunting area, digital and print resources for research, working with online and paper mapping tools, and other tools.

    Chapter 3: Planning Your Moose Hunt

    A moose hunting timeline, researching, contacting, and scheduling air services, lodging, and other commercial services, transport to, from, and within Alaska, the confirmation process.

    Chapter 4: Outfitting yourself for moose hunting

    Packs and dry bags, sleeping gear, clothing, camouflage, hunting gear, survival gear, first aid equipment and supplies, community gear, camping equipment, camp kitchen, tools, meat and trophy gear, emergency signaling equipment, packing, overpack for shipping, what not to bring.

    Chapter 5: About Moose

    Moose biology 101, general orientation to moose, physical attributes, coloration and body shape, antler configuration and development, feeding and habitat preferences, migration patterns, moose habitat preferences, riparian habitats, common moose forage plants, how to identify prime moose habitat using high-resolution aerial photos, where to find public aerial photos, a thorough habitat identification review, moose sign, the rut.

    Chapter 6: Setting up Your Moose Camp

    General moose camp principles, visibility, concealment strategies for float and drop camp hunts, organization, dealing with camp noise, gravel bar campsites, muskeg camping, human waste, leave-ho-trace camping methods.

    Chapter 7: Moose Hunting Tactics

    Getting in sync with moose, effects of weather, bulls with cows, moose activity periods, scent management, finding moose: hillsides and benches, rivers, tributary streams, flats and river deltas, pothole lake country, forested valleys, hill country, moose observation, drawing moose in with auditory, visual, and olfactory attractants, an audio section on how to call moose, judging legal moose, the legal standards, rough-estimating antler spread.

    Chapter 8: Making the Shot

    Proximity to the animal, about shooting moose, rifle calibers and ammunition, bullet types, sighting in, zero distance, common shooting distances in the field, degree of slope, using a rest, bipod use, prone shots, using a spotter, animal location, shoot-throughs, shot placement on rear-facing, quartering-away, front-facing, quartering toward, and broadside shots, horizon shots, shots at moving animals, animals above or below your position, obstructions, approaching the kill, wounded moose.

    Chapter 9: After the Shot

    The four rules of meat care, field butchering, prepping the kill site, packing meat, antlers and capes, multiple pack loads strategies, care of meat and trophies in camp, dealing with weather issues, meat storage strategies, water cool method, citric acid use, causes and prevention of spoilage.

    Chapter 10: When Things go Wrong

    Bear problems, medical emergencies, illegal situations, and how to deal with various scenarios.

    Chapter 11: Is Float Hunting Really Worth it?

    A detailed discussion of the pros and cons of moose float hunts, including the noise factor, budgeting your hunt time, river skills, financial aspects, meat care issues, access to untapped areas, success rates, and many other aspects of the float hunting experience.

    Additional Resources

    1. Where can I purchase the Alaska Moose Hunting Guide? CLICK HERE to order and download your copy. No complicated download instructions, just a simple click. You must have an iTunes account to purchase this book at this time.
    2. Does the book include specific hunting locations? No. I wrote it with the intent that it would train you on how to find your own hunting hotspots, using the same tools and methods I use in my hunt consultation service. Our success rate, even in new areas we have discovered, is very high. So I know the methods work.
    3. Will the book be available on Amazon Kindle? Not yet. If there is enough interest, I will port it for Kindle next.
    4. Does the book include perishable information? No. I do not include specific herd counts, success rates of locations around the state, or any other specific information that's of a perishable nature. Such information requires constant maintenance to maintain its relevance, and it robs hunters of how to find that information themselves. Perishable information would make this book obsolete in two or three years, as this type of information constantly changes.
    5. What's next? I have two more books in final edits and layout. I expect them to be out soon, but it's too early to announce the subject, titles, or much else about them. These will be released as e-books as well.

    I welcome your questions about this project in this thread.

    Michael Strahan
    Site Owner
    Alaska Hunt Consultant
    1 (907) 229-4501

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    I enjoyed your last book. Good luck with this one.

    "no print version available"...buzzzzz...need a what account? Some times I feel a bit old fashioned.


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      Originally posted by LeonardC View Post
      I enjoyed your last book. Good luck with this one.

      "no print version available"...buzzzzz...need a what account? Some times I feel a bit old fashioned.
      If you click the link to order it, you will be prompted to set up an iTunes account if you don't already have one. The book will download automatically into your computer and you will be able to read it there. It's really simple!

      Michael Strahan
      Site Owner
      Alaska Hunt Consultant
      1 (907) 229-4501


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        I really enjoyed "Bowhunting Alaska's Wild Rivers" (Jay Massey), I'll have to get your books


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          Originally posted by Chez View Post
          I really enjoyed "Bowhunting Alaska's Wild Rivers" (Jay Massey), I'll have to get your books
          Jay was a good friend and it was a privilege to have known him.

          I am currently working on porting the book for Amazon Kindle in addition to the Apple platform it is currently on. I will let everyone know when that version is available.
          Michael Strahan
          Site Owner
          Alaska Hunt Consultant
          1 (907) 229-4501


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