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Update from Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation

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  • Update from Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation

    Notice from the Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation

    Fellow Sheep Enthusiasts,

    I hope this message finds you, your friends and loved ones well. These are certainly challenging times for everyone. Here are several updates of AK WSF’s recent activity.

    We are still scheduled to have our annual banquet on June 6th at the Dena’ina Center in Anchorage. It is honestly hard to tell at this point whether we will be allowed to conduct the actual live event. For everyone’s safety we will follow the State and Municipal directives. If we are prevented from conducting the Banquet then we have plans to conduct a virtual event which will include the Online Auction, and most of the raffles that we normally have at the banquet. We have all the prizes ready including almost $100K in guns so either way we plan for one heck-of-a party.

    We are about to begin the AK WSF Membership Drive where everyone who signs up, renews or upgrades their membership from Jan 1st, 2020 to June 6th, 2020 will be entered to win a Can-Am Defender DPS 8D from Can-Am and Team CC. Members who attend the banquet will also get additional raffle tickets for attending. Stay tuned for details in the next few days.

    The COVID-19 Pandemic forced us to cancel our Annual Meeting and our normal Board Elections in late March. We have been busy improving systems and hope to conduct our Board Elections online after our Annual Banquet. That will allow all of the members that join and renew to participate in the election. Many of you have suggested we do this in the past so we put our “Hunker Down” time to good use in making it happen. If this election works well then we will conduct all of the subsequent elections online so all of our membership can participate.

    The link below is to a short film called “Wild and Wool” which covers the threat to wild sheep from Movi passed from domestic sheep and goats. I highly recommend this excellent short film which provides an overview of the threat that faces wild sheep from diseases carried by domestic sheep and goats. Although this film deals directly with bighorn sheep, we know that Dall sheep are just as susceptible.


    Bighorn sheep, an icon of the American West, battle to survive as contact with infectious diseases carried by domestic sheep threaten these wild herds. The respiratory pathogen Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae (M.ovi), while benign in their domestic sheep hosts, can present deadly complications for wild sheep and often leads to widespread pneumonia outbreaks and significant die-offs. Domestic sheep grazing on public land was an integral part of settling the western United States. However, as conservation efforts ramp to rebound bighorn populations, the wool industry, scientific community, and wildlife advocates are at a crossroads. Wild and Wool documents a year-long look at a dedicated research team racing to understand the complexities and challenges of M.ovi before the next outbreak devastates the charismatic species.

    Here is a direct link to the film: 7HiCsN-vBbMJvpv4O6o

    Stay healthy,


    Kevin J Kehoe
    Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation
    13845 Mainsail Drive
    Anchorage, AK 99516
    Office (907) 868-8861
    Mobile (907) 441-6323

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    Any more updates?


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      I would not expect any updates, etc. until mid-May.


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        Here's the latest from AK WSF.
        Fellow Sheep Enthusiasts,

        Despite all of our best efforts, and despite the current positive trends in the fight against COVID-19, it has become obvious that we are not able to conduct an event of this magnitude on June 6th. But, we could not call ourselves sheep hunters if we gave up simply because one path to the mountain top was blocked!

        AK WSF is very pleased to announce that we will be live streaming the event from Cabelas on June 6th! The virtual event will feature the same great raffles and auction with outstanding prizes that you have come to expect from an AK WSF banquet. We will be streaming via Facebook Live and potentially other digital platforms so that everyone will be able to watch the event from their phone, tablet or computer. Since the event will be at Cabelas, those willing to practice proper social distancing and protocols can join us at the store to watch in person. We encourage others to gather in their Social Bubbles, maybe out-of-doors, while observing proper anti-social distancing and protocols enjoying adult beverages (remember the liquor stores are considered essential businesses) and hopefully winning some outstanding prizes.

        We have over $200K worth of prizes including over $100K of guns and optics and two Can Am ATVs to give away. We will soon be announcing how to enter seven different raffles. Some of these have already begun. We will also offer the special 20% discount on the pre-event sale of Denali Tiered Raffle tickets that we have offered in the past. Stay tuned for more details on the specific items and entry forms. One bonus of the virtual event is that all raffles will be open to everyone – even those out of state – with no need to be present to win! We will arrange for prizes to be picked up in person or shipped to you as required.
        Our auction featuring hunts from around the world will take place through Online Hunting Auctions – the same platform that we have used in the past. More details will follow on this soon.

        We are just like any other small business wrestling with the challenges of the China Virus. So we are asking all of our table sponsors to roll over their reservations until next year. As a reward for those who do roll their reservations we will conduct a special raffle for two Christensen Arms Ridgeline Rifles. Just let us know that you are willing to do so and you will be entered to win.

        We are encouraging individual banquet ticket holders to consider rolling their refund into their raffle ticket purchase.

        For those individuals who are not interested in either option above we will be offering banquet ticket refunds. More details are forthcoming on using your banquet ticket refund to purchase raffle tickets and how to request a refund.

        AK WSF wants to thank each of you for continuing to support our great organization despite these challenging times. Our annual banquet is our primary fundraiser during the year and the proceeds we generate from the banquet support our various Alaska conservation initiatives. With your help and support we will continue “Keeping sheep on the mountains of Alaska!”


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          The process depends on how you purchased your banquet tickets originally.

          If you purchased your tickets online through Eventbrite then you go back through Eventbrite to request a refund. Be sure to use “COVID-19” as the reason. Once we approve your request, the funds will be returned to your credit card. You can submit your raffle ticket purchase form or call it in at any time since your refund and your raffle ticket purchase are separate transactions.

          If you purchased a hard ticket directly from us (one of our volunteers or Barney’s Sports Chalet) then when you fill out your Raffle Ticket Purchase Form, you just annotate that you want to use your banquet ticket refund as partial payment. We just need to know the number of tickets. You can deduct the ticket refund amount from your total due at the bottom. If we are unable to verify your original banquet ticket purchase then we will contact you.

          Visit our website for more details on the various raffle tickets available for purchase:

          Thanks, and we sincerely appreciate your support.


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