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Binos and Spotter for Sheep?

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  • Binos and Spotter for Sheep?

    Just curious how many guys out there bring both a regular sized pair of binos and spotting scope when sheep hunting. I know every year I roll the idea around of not bringing full size binos (when I am adding up the weight of my gear) and my spotting scope and allways end up taking my binos. I know its not neccessary but I just enjoy glassing with binos anytime I am in the mountains. Just a poll type of question.

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    I think you need both and the weight of a set of 8x32 binos is not going to break you. Leave something else behind. If you are not looking through your glasses you are not usually hunting. Glass is one area not to cut corners in quality or to leave at home. Just my 2 cents.


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      take 'em

      take both of 'em R. You'll be covering ground quickly and efficiently with the binos that would be a pain with the spotter. Obviously the annuli/curl nitty gritty calls for the spotter...
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        I will bring the binos as well as the spotter I just start rolling around ideas of buying a compact pair of binos to go with my spotter which is probably not neccessary. Did pick up a new spotter for this season its a Minox MD62 ED. With eyepiece its about 6 oz heavier than my Spotter XL II pretty **** excited to see how good it is as its on its way to me right now, however started adding up weight and you know how it goes, you start thinking about what you can reduce. Thanks for the replies.


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