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  • Binos and Spotter for Sheep?

    Just curious how many guys out there bring both a regular sized pair of binos and spotting scope when sheep hunting. I know every year I roll the idea around of not bringing full size binos (when I am adding up the weight of my gear) and my spotting scope and allways end up taking my binos. I know its not neccessary but I just enjoy glassing with binos anytime I am in the mountains. Just a poll type of question.

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    I've pondered the same question myself, as I usually take my 10x42 binos and scope. The conclusion I've come to over the past year or so is that a pair of 8x30/32 would be plenty for most mountain hunting situations, paired with a very good spotting scope of course. Should save around 10 oz in weight, or "about" the weight of a decent pair of range finders, over a pair of 42's.

    Is the 10 oz worth the additional expense? Guess that depends on your hunting budget, for me it is and I'm in the market for a good set of 8x30 binos.


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      s. scope and binos

      Many experts (with whom I agree) feel the best ALL ROUND size binos are somewhere between 7 x 30 to 8 x 32....even tho 10x seem to be quite popular. One set of binos per hunter for sheep hunting and one spotting scope per pair of hunters most feel is optimal. But with mountain hunting one (IMO) needs binos to scan for and locate game and a spotting scope to evaluate a located animal in detail esp. since mountain hunting is most commonly not a meat affair but more for ego satiation and/or the thrill,adventure,excitement of the hunt in addition to experiencing the enviroment in which the hunt usually takes place. This is not to say the resultant meat is not highly prized, under appreciated or not salvaged for highly anticipated future consumption by the hunter and his family. A solo hunter gets to carry both his binocs and the spotting scope!
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        I like my 10x42's and for their size they are not that heavy, 26 ounces I believe is what the manufacturer lists it at. A good spotter will also save miles of walking, well worth the investment in my opinion.


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          I hear you guys, I have a pair of the Pentax DCF SP's in 10x43 and I enjoy glassing with them so much that it would bum me out to have a lesser pair of glass while in Gods country so I bring them as well as the spotter. Its an extra 26 oz but you spend a lot more time scanning the mountains than you do contemplating whether or not a ram is a full curl or double broomed or has eight annuli. The spotter is a must on final decisions but when looking at everything else good binos are priceless.


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