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  • Hunting show DLP.....

    Did anyone else see Cabelas "Memories in the Field" hunting program with the peninsula brown bear hunt that resulted in the killing of a sow with a cub?

    The show highlighted a successful boar kill and then the action went awry when a large and determined sow appeared and charged the hunters at the very site the boar was shot. The bear was at 8 yards and closing when the yelling and waving hunters put her down. It was intense to say the least.

    The show concluded with a note saying the killing was investigated by the Alaska Fish and Game and was deemed justified. As a viewer of the program it looked justified to me as well. I think this is the first "dlp" situation I've seen on film. Surely the hunters were thankful to have the event on film as it certainly helped resolve the redtape involved.
    The mindboggling thing about the footage is that the cameraman actually got all the action as the bear closed on all of them, he probably had a mess in his shorts shortly afterward....
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    Yeah I saw that it was awsome but sad at the same time. Things like that you just hate to see have to happen but I think to anyone watching it had to happen. I know I would have needed a new pair of shorts and then some!!


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      This was clearly an intense moment, I could see the guide was upset that he was forced to put down the sow. They had no idea this sow and cub were even in the area. The bear was determined to attack. I was pleased to see the disclamer at the end indicating this was an act of self defense. This was an amazing outdoor moment captured on film.


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        Grizz charge

        The footage was a great example of how things can get exciting in a real hurry! Pretty awesome clip to say the least. The moose he bags was a real dandy too!
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          Warning shot?

          I saw this and it was very enlightening. I only wonder if a warning shot in front of her just as she started coming toward the hunters might have prevented the DLP shot. I realize there is a lot happening in just a few seconds, and you have to stand your ground. But that is the question I had.

          Did anyone else notice that the hunter sort of faded from view as the sow got closer?


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            My experience is that warning shots simply don't work. I sent a 270 grain 375 about an inch over the head of a PO'd Kodiak sow from about 30 yards and she didn't so much as flinch. She left when she made up her mind to do it, and I had nothing to say about it.

            "Did anyone else notice that the hunter sort of faded from view as the sow got closer?"

            I probably put more thought into picking my hunting partners than I did picking my wife. She's lasted almost 4 decades, but only a hand full of hunting partners get invited back for a second trip.
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              Kinda looked to me like the guide might have pushed the hunter back or at least told him to get back... I don't know. I do know that that is the type of guy I want to hunt with in that scenario... The guide, that is.

              I don't think a warning shot would have disrupted her path one bit. She was trucking right at those guys.


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                Is this footage available on DVD or only on cable tv?


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                  It was on the outdoor network a few weeks ago maybe they aired it again recently I believe it was on petersons outdoors?


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                    Yes.... I would like to see this as well!!

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                      Show details...

                      I think this was Cabelas "Memories in the Field" with Dave Watson. They probably have a website and may have a link to order various episodes...This one is worth having in a video library.
                      The guide was affiliated with "Alaska Knives" or something to that affect? Ring a bell with anybody?
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                        I had gone on the Outdoor Channel trying to find out when this episode may air again and had no luck. If anyone sees a preview or anything stating when they may air it again could you let everyone know? I'd sure like to see it! Eric


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                          Yeah the guide was from Alaska Knives and they were hunting in cordova, thats all I remember. Anyone try a search for DLP videos?


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                            DLP Show

                            I taped this episode on our DVR machine. I will check when it aired and see if there is anyway to transfer it to tape or something.


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                              Found it!!!
                              Happy viewing


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