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    thanks for the link!


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      Wow, thanks for the link ak. That's pretty intense footage. I think the hunter disappeared because he was running for his bow!


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        Man!, that's something. Hats off to the guide. Isn't it unusual for a sow with cubs to be that close to a boar?


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          Loaded my shorts just watching it.


          Watching clips like this makes wonder how many of the tall tales I hear around the campfire are not actually that tall but accounts of the truth.

          And the guide waited for the last possible moment to shoot if you look at where the guide was standing when you last see him and where the bear is at when she peaks that little knoll just before getting shot.

          Kudos for the guide. Sorry for the cub, but that is life in the wild.


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            Fumbling hunter

            I saw it also. Man, that was really something alright. Did anyone notice how much the hunter was fumbling with his rifle when he shot the boar? The guide said "hit him again" and he was fumbling around. It looked like he picked up his empty hull or maybe he kicked out a live one? The guide looked to me like he really steped up to the plate and did all he could do.


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              Episode on DVD or tape

              If anyone gets this on DVD or VHS, I'd pay for a copy.


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                guides and danger

                Originally posted by Yooper916
                Kinda looked to me like the guide might have pushed the hunter back or at least told him to get back... I don't know. I do know that that is the type of guy I want to hunt with in that scenario... The guide, that is.

                I have guided kayak tours in the South Pacific and I do not of any decent guide who does not put him or herself inbetween danger and the their clients. The guides and the client did exactly the right thing. Yo don't want a nervous greenie in front when your life is on the line.

                Plus the guide has the knowledge to know when to take that final action to resolve the issue. If it were me I doubt I would have waited to 6 yards before shooting. After all I have weak bowels.


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                  That's the reason

                  I know a lot of non-res complain about having to hire a guide but that footage there is exactly why. The hunter would have been bear scat if that guide did not do what he did. I'm not saying all non-res would react the same way but I think alot would.


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                    Ok ... what codec do I need ... the vid isn't playing for squat on my laptop ...

                    Media Player, Real Player and Divx don't like it ...



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                      thanks you share


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                        FullKurl: I think the show is "Cabela's Ultimate Adventures. They discountiuned the "Memories in the Field" show 2 seasons ago. I actually had a video on memories in the field where I shot a bear at 8 yards. The Knives Of Alaska bear charge was on their new program and their old Cabela's Outdoor Journal or something like that.

                        Originally posted by fullkurl View Post
                        I think this was Cabelas "Memories in the Field" with Dave Watson. They probably have a website and may have a link to order various episodes...This one is worth having in a video library.
                        The guide was affiliated with "Alaska Knives" or something to that affect? Ring a bell with anybody?


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                          cant seem to find the video, where is it located at?


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                            The other link is gone, but this sounds like a must see. Please share!
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                              Just Found the Video

                              Here's a link I just used to watch this....impressive.

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                                I saw that last year, it's been on Youtube for awhile.. impressive shot, impressive actions, great guide
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