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  • salt

    Any suggestion on how much salt I should take for the cape in for a sheep hunt? I'll be flying out of the field 5 days after opening day.


    Everything that lives and moves will be food for you.
    Genesis 9:3

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    Salt alternative

    Forget the salt, get some TTC and cut down your pack in weight even more. You can get it at Wiggy's-Alaska!! on Old Seward or order it from here.


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      3 lbs to the field and leave it at the airstrip, once you get back to town another 3-4 should be more than plenty.


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        Yup Leave it at the airstrip

        Dont know where you are headed Carnivore - but i wish you the best of luck - take as much as you think you'd need and leave it at the airstrip, along with a nice set of Sweatpants in a Vacpac, socks and all the other good stuff you'll be wanting but unable to carry - oh - and we usually have about a case of beer sitting there waiting for us!

        5lbs outta be plenty enough to get you out of the field.

        Good Luck!


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          I measure my Sheep Cape salt by volume, fill a 1 gallon zip-lock 1/2 full
          [frezzer bag] and that has always worked well for me. I agree to leave it at the strip, along with a handfull of your favorite candy bars, DRY socks, and some WATER, plus various other "luxuries" item that you don't want to carry the whole time.

          Good luck this season....fellow Sheep hunters!


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