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Storing meat - while in Anchorage

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  • Storing meat - while in Anchorage

    Okay, I know this topic gets done fairly often and I've looked back through some of the posts already. However, my situation may be a little different.

    I'm going on a caribou hunt out of Bethel in a little over 6 weeks and then, hopefully with antlers and meat in tow, I'll head back to Anchorage for 8 days while I attend a meeting. Where would be a good place to freeze and store the meat, antlers, and cape while I'm there until I head back to Texas?

    Any and all information would be appreciated

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    Why not just have the meat and everything else shipped back to Texas as soon as you arrive in Anchorage?


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      shipping back immediately

      I will consider that, but would I have to ship it directly to my residence and is that a great deal higher than going as baggage.


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        Keeping Meat

        Most hotels have freezers for you to use. Call them and ask but I bet they will. Keep the rack in your room. It will give you something to grin at.


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          use the hotel freezer. it is free and cold.
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