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  • Board of Game Meeting

    There will be a Board of Game meeting in Anchorage May 11 thru May 14th at the Atwood Buildling, Room 240. The meetings usually get started about 8:30 am and are open to the public. Predator control and Tier II are on the agenda so it should be an interesting meeting.

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    What about Tier II will be discussed? I've heard so many different proposals, it's hard to keep straight what is actually being considered. Thanks.



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      Will public testimony be allowed?

      Wildlife Tech,

      Appreciate you getting this out there.

      I was told the BoG would not be allowing oral public testimony at this meeting for the tabled pred-control proposals. Is that in error?

      I'd like to point out something about increased pred-control:
      If supply (of ungulates) has exceeded demand (by hunters), it sounds reasonable to simply increase the supply side. But the fact is that the demand of hunters has in many areas already exceeded what the habitat can absorb. We don't just have controlled-use areas in many parts of the state to keep from overharvesting game; we have them to protect the habitat. These pred-control programs are designed to increase hunter harvests to the point that instead of 3,000 hunters in Unit 20E off the Taylor Hwy (for example) every fall, we'd have to have 5,000-10,000 hunters. How will they access the lands? Not every moose and caribou is going to line up near a road or river. Is it really wise to mandate such high harvests by humans if it means trashing what backcountry we have left? How soon after these high levels of harvest are achieved will the Board be forced to make more and more areas controlled-use only?

      Mark Richards


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