water proof material "WIND/WATERPROOF MICROSUEDE. "



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  • water proof material "WIND/WATERPROOF MICROSUEDE. "


    anybody use this stuff?
    i have a hard time getting good outdoors clothing. i am 6'7" and the regular old cabelas stuff does not fit. i am going to be hunting moose in sept and want better protection from the elements. before i spend $250 on a suit i wanted to see if i can get some opinions on the material.

    here is a link to the particular suit i am looking at.

    our hunt will be based off the end of a lake and we will be camping from a military tent. the chances of drying out my gear dailey are slim.

    thanks for any help

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    i was hoping someone would have an opinion on this material. maybe i will just buy the suit and post the results when i get back. lol...
    i wonder if it is new or what?


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      "For warmth, but not too much bulk, it's all lined with soft, silent brown cotton tricot."

      That statement alone is enough to scare me to death! NO COTTON for me, been there done that and learned my lesson a long time ago.


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        i have been wet and cold before. down right miserable. but i am no sissy. i am coming to hunt and will do so no matter what the weather.

        so i am trying to find the best protection i can get. problem is i am very limited due to my height and girth. lol.... i dont want you to think i am a slouch or couch potatoe. i am not. i am just a big guy.

        i gotta say that the "regular" sized guy has it so good. i cant find anything that has goretex except boots. what am i supposed to do? contractors trash bags? lmao...

        when i buy clothes, hunting or work etc, i can buy a 4xlt jacket from one company and then i cant even fit in a 6xlt from another. it is so frustrating and then having to order crap online. sorry, i needed to vent.

        like i said, i was just hoping for an opinion on that material. wether or not it is windproof and waterproof like they say. i have lots of camo that is just crap. for $250 i dont need any more. lol

        "silent brown cotton tricot" scares me to. lol


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          big guy clothes

          as soon as the ad said cotton. that killed the sale.

          get custom made clothing. try beyond fleece.com for example. there are other sites as well. get hwat you need that fits you so that you can be both safe and comfortable.

          i am sure you are used to spending more anyway.

          good luck.
          Cold Zero
          Member: S.C.I., N.R.A. Life Endowment Member & L.E. Tactical Firearms Instr.


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            Best protection

            You asked for the best protection you can get and I would think that that would be rubber. Like the Helly Hansen Impertech or something like that. And the jackets would definatley be long enough just wonder about the sleeves.


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              cold zero, THANKS. i should have thought out my original post. that is the kind of info i wanted. i have been all over south east michigan trying to find someone to make me a coat, or add to something i already have. no go. i bet you i walked into 15 shops that do sewing and repairs and noone wanted to touch it.

              i have searched the net and came up empty. i really appreciate the info for beyond. i ordered their catalog and already planned out a jacket and pants. i doubt they can build them before i leave for ak. by chance any more links to similar places?

              justin, i have heard of helly hanson but have not seen any websites or stores that carry many of their products. any more info? i google'd it. looking at thier site right now. thanks

              thank you guys, i do appreciate your replies. rem700


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                REM700, that stuff might work great in the lower 48 for hunting, but a cotton liner up here can kill you. It would accelerate the effects of Hypothermia and once wet will never dry unless hanging out in the sun in extremely warm weather for a long period . Fall up here is generally wet and cool (obviously with exception) but you want clothes that will keep you dry or that will dry quickly once wet. I would look to layer with synthetics and rain gear(which by the way does not need to be Gore Tex) and you would be fine. Thats stuff is awful expensive and having a cotton liner makes it overpriced as well. Here is just one link I found quickly for the Helly Hansen Impertech and this stuff runs big, especially the long coat(guide coat) which will fit your needs well with your height.
                You can get much better equipment for your money than that other stuff.
                Heres the Link for some quality hunting gear that should fit you as your not much taller than several guys I know

                Pants (which the inseam is mislabeled)

                Just some ideas on stuff that works well for me and others I know.


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                  ak cub, thanks for trying to help.
                  Guide Coat: Longer knee length than the jacket. Two-way front zip with Velcro storm flap. Velcro closure patch pockets. Reinforced visor hood. Velcro internal and external cuff adjustment weight 1 lb. 9 ounces. (photo not shown)
                  Discontinued Item, limited to stock on hand.
                  Sizing S(34-36), M(38-40),
                  that guide coat is no longer available. lol

                  Men's Regular 5'8" to 6'0"; Tall 6'0" to 6'4"
                  i am 6'7" tall

                  akcub, cabelas is only 45 minutes from my house. i have been there twice in the last 2 weeks. lol... i walked in with the intention of buying the best gear i could. i walked out with a pocket full of money and not much gear. the sizes just do not work. their 5xlt is really a 4 xl reg. that is if i compare them to other manufactures labels.

                  i cant tell you how much i appreciate the help. the more replies i get the better chance of coming across another company like beyond fleece. i plan to order from them but i doubt they will be able to get me ready by sept 1st. i am going to call them again on monday.

                  also i was on the phone with helly hanson customer service. very nice and helpful. megan from c/s called mi retailers for me looking for someone to have my size to try on. no dice. we went over all the gear they have and it looks like the 4xl jackets are the biggest they carry. probably wont fit. the pants seem to be border line as well. i was hoping for something i could put a pair of fleece pants or shirt on under it for warmth.


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                    Hally hanson

                    I second the hally hanson impertech with a synthetic jacket underneath. I use one of the military bear jackets as they're cheap and dry quickly plus very warm, and then synthetic long underwear under that. You can also use one of the gore-tex duck hunting jackets with a zip-in synthetic liner as they are warm and made for wet, cold, nasty weather............good luck
                    I once held the yardstick of anothers perfection, I threw it down and carved my own................


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                      huntin' clothes


                      special size guys, sometimes require specially made clothes. for work or casual, you could probably go into a big and tall shop and get what you need at big prices.

                      for hunting, maybe just get measured and get what you need. you will have to wait as the lead time varies depending on time of year. i will be using my birthday gift of beyond fleece for the first time and giving it the torture test for my late sept. chugach sheep hunt. so far it seems like good stuff. you make the design, they just sew it. the quality seems good, you get what you pay for.

                      i have been using helly hanson impertech for over 10 years now. it is probably as good as anything out there. i would look into peter storm, if you can find it i think it may be a little better quality. pick your poison, you can get wet from the outside in, or get wet from the inside out. the impectech does not breath well, especially if you are climbing. if you want it, patronize the guys who support this site and buy it from barney's. they use to have the peter storm as well.

                      cold zero, keeping r700 warm and dry since 2006. good luck.
                      Cold Zero
                      Member: S.C.I., N.R.A. Life Endowment Member & L.E. Tactical Firearms Instr.


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                        R700, Heres another link for the Helly Impertech in larger sizes and the Deluxe coat is also longer than your standard waist level coats and these run big as well.

                        Man if your that big a guy, you might have to go the custom route. You didn't say how much you weighed, and I know several guys that are 6' 6" or so and they dont seem to have too much trouble finding stuff that fits but people are all built different too. Good luck, but I would suggest at worst case scenario that you go with some standard wool pants and shirt which can be easily found before you go cotton. Good luck.


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                          I'm 6'6'', 220,

                          and I use Columbia or Marmot fleece with Marmot precip rain gear over it (when needed). Its worked for me in some tough spots over the years....including 70-80mph sideways stuff on Kodiak.
                          Proud to be an American!


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                            Frank, I picked up some of the Precip raingear for this year. Is it good stuff?


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                              i stand corrected. lol cabelas

                              Durable and warm, the rugged yet soft 100% virgin wool construction in the Legacy Wool™ Pants delivers optimum comfort and warmth in cold, damp conditions. And the innovative SW100 finish ensures it retains its shape and resists shrinkage wash after wash, and with the addition of our exclusive Dry-Plus® lining, this wool also boasts the waterproof breathability you need to stay dry in the wettest weather. The polyester twill lining provides unbeatable next-to-the-skin comfort. Uninsulated, the pants have a traditional six-pocket design and interior suspender buttons. Imported.
                              Even waist sizes: 30-52. We will hem to 34-1/2" at no charge.
                              Colors: Loden, Charcoal.
                              ordering these now. i like the idea of them being wool and i think the dry plus gear is ok. lol atleast better than the other i posted the link to.

                              i picked up 2 really nice pair of polartec long underwear tonight at gander mountain. one exp weight and one med weight. so i have 2 heavy fleece pants, and now the 2 new pair. good to go on fleece. lol...

                              thanks for all the help guys. it pays to keep looking. i have no idea if cabelas added this add today or what but i did not see these pants last time i searched their site.

                              i do plan on ordering from beyond fleece. i am really excited about finding that place.

                              off to cabelas tommorow. i want a pair of hip or waist high waders and i need to return a pair of boots. what a journey. lol


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