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Bison - where to aim?

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  • Bison - where to aim?

    Can anyone provide a diagram or picture showing where to aim on a bison? Preferably one that shows the vital organs. Boddington's book has a nice picture, but I'd rather not spend the money if I can find something similar online for free. Thanks!

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    Well for non-dangerous game I shoot too take out both lungs. On dangerous game you need to take them in the CNS or take out the shoulders to stop any forward progress.


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      A vitals shot shouldn't be any different than any other game, but one could be fooled by the large humped front shoulder. The spine drops down into that hump quite a ways. Keep the shot low behind the front shoulder and you should be in the kill zone. Worked well for my wife some years ago. Sorry no picture to offer you.

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        not sure if this will show up or not. if not check out this page

        scroll down to "where should i aim"


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          Every animal is different, but my bison wasn't too hard to drop. I shot a really large bull out of the Farewell herd 4 years ago and dropped him with two shots to the lungs - didn't take more than 5 steps. I'd rather put a hole in his lungs and let him run a ways than blast his shoulder and lose even a pound of that precious bison meat.



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