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Bonded Core for Moose

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  • Bonded Core for Moose

    I'm wondering about using one of the new bonded core bullets for moose - 225gr in .338 caliber. This would include the Nosler AccuBond, Hornady Interbond or Swift Scirroco II in 210 gr. I suspect they would work very well for this application in this caliber but am wondering if anyone has had first hand experience with these particular loads.

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    I can't comment on moose, but I shot a mule deer at 315 yards with a 140 gr. accubond in my 280 Rem. Dumped him in his tracks. That bullet performed flawlessly.


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      Bonded Moose Bullets

      They will probably work fine. Friends of mine use them and seem ok with the results. I have been handloading and shooting the .338 Win. Mag. for over 30 years. I know from watching a bunch of moose, caribou and several bears being shot that the 250 gr. Nosler Partition and the 225 and 250 gr. x bullet have always penetrated and almost always exited the animal no matter what the angle. I have heard many hunters praise the Swift bullets and I would try them if I was looking for another bullet. I rarely change bullets because when I find the bullet I am happy with I buy a bunch of them and the componets that make them shoot good groups. I loaded the Nosler Partition for 12 years and have been shooting the Barnes x since they were introduced in the late 80's. Hope you get a Big Moose !


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        I shot a nice moose with a 180g Nosler AccuBond, and it dropped the mosse, did a great job.


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          I use the 150 grain Swift Scirocco in my 300 RUM for shooting long distance Caribou in the winter. It has completely penetrated Caribou so far all the way out to 467 yards. The 210 Scirroco should hold together well for Moose at moderate ranges and beyond.


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