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  • Bug dope that works?

    Last year the guide said to bring Deep Woods Off with Permethrin as the active ingredient. We encountered an annoying whitish bug that flew around your head but didn't bite. This year I'll have a net but I'm asking if anyone found something else that worked?

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    Benz 100% Deet

    Benz 100% Deet
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      Originally posted by Carnivore
      Benz 100% Deet
      Yup. Deet works good.
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        good bug dope

        That's actually Ben's 100% DEET, and it's what I recommend, BUT, if you leave some wet on your palms after application, it can remove certain finishes, like the finish on my old .35 Whelen's synthetic stock. So, make sure your hands have absorbed it well.


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          We finally settled on Ultrathon. You sweat off 100% DEET and have to keep applying it all the time, but Ultrathon is waterproof. It seems to work just as well as the Ben's but you only put it on a couple of times a day. Doesn't seem so bad on finishes and plastics, either.

          Buy both and try them for yourself. They're cheap, and it's always good to have a spare.
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            All the studies show that you don't need anything more concentrated than 33% DEET. The 100% DEET just lasts longer, but it's really very bad for you at that level in direct contact with skin. I was talking with a guy this summer who had a near deadly reaction to 100% DEET directly on his skin. The stuff works, but like they say in the literature, it can have some horrible side-effects. I use the 33% here, but for the most part I use clothing that the skeeters can't bite through, and a head net when they are really bad.

            I don't recommend 100% DEET, ever. And deet doesn't work for the whitesox and gnats that love to bite around your eyes, mouth, etc. Bring a headnet. Use the proper clothing, including gloves. Use the lower-strength deet when you have to.

            Mark Richards


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              bug dope/allergies....

              I was an auto body man from 19-34yo and got sensitized to most all chemicals--it makes life tough.
              Even bug dope does me in pretty good. Suffices to say that I pay in hunting camp, from both the bugs--because I cant wear the dope, and from others due to the chemicals that they are wearing.

              Is there any thing out there at all that has any merit as a bug repellent that is "all natural"?
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                you can try the citronella-based

                Ben's makes a Citronella-based bugdope. Works about as well as skin-so-soft that my wife likes to use. Lasts maybe ten minutes or so. It's an alternative but it doesn't seem to work very well for me.
                Mark Richards


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                  When I dont want the bug dope on my skin, I use a long sleeve shirt and spray my clothing instead. Of course you have to watch out spraying clothes you want to keep looking good! I usually saturate my hat, and that keeps 'em away from my face.

                  I know there is a type of bug spray out there that pregnant women use that has 0% DEET. From what I have seen, it works pretty good and lasts a while. I dont know what it's called but it can probably be searched and found on Google.


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                    Buzz Off Clothing

                    ExOfficio is now making insect repellent clothing called Buzz Off. Check out REI for more information.


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                      My son sent me some Bushman Ultra insect repellant from Australia 4 years ago. It is the best I have ever used. He has sent me a couple of tubes since then. It ca ne ordered on line.


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                        Anyone actually used a thermacell in field?


                        Just curious if they work.


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                          Don't even know if it is still available or not as I haven't bought any in several years but I prefer Muskol.


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                            The Deet products work well, but as some have said it will peel off layers of plastic off guns, sunglasses, rifle scopes, etc. We had a container of it leak at work and it peeled 3 layers of paint off the shelf!! I don't use the 100% anymore after seeing that!! Eric


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                              The thermacells work great if your somewhat stationary. I don't even use bug dope when were in our bear stand on the Elliot and for you that hunt up there no how bad the bugs are. When i shot my bear this year by the time we got to it mosquito's had covered it. I laid the thermacell next to it and all gone, no bugs. You can buy them at Sportsman's or at Wally world, Wally world sells a holster that you can hook to your belt, I use this when I'm fishing. I don't know how it would work if your hiking in somewhere since it puts off a little smoke and i believe thats what keeps the bugs away. I've never come across anyone that used it at didn't like it.


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