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HAUL RD, truck breaks....who to call to fix

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  • HAUL RD, truck breaks....who to call to fix

    So, if one drives haul road and the truck breaks down, is there anyone to call for a tow? I bet that would get expensive.

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    Haul road

    I have driven the road several times in the last few years. First of all, if you don't trust your truck to do a drive down here on paved roads I wouldn't take it up there. I usually take all the basics including headlight bulbs, u-joints, oils, fixaflat, plug kit, 2 spare tires, anit-freeze, some JB weld, wire, duct tape, radiator leak fixer, and all basic tools. That being said I've never even had a flat tire! (knock on wood) Here lately I've had a squeek coming from my back right tire. It is going in the shop on Tuesday for some bearing work. Going up north in September. You can get most things fixed up there but you will pay a fortune in tow and labor!! Eric


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      Far and few between

      Plan on being self sufficient. Coldfoot has some limited services, beyond that Deadhorse has services. I dont know if they're are guys that will work on a truck for you but you can get parts shipped there, either by road or plane. Don't ask how I know that. Best bet is to travel with a buddy.


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        Went up several times no problem. Then on one trip two flats. Managed to fix the tire. BUt I did have to limp into Prudoe bay to by a tire iron. I had my tires rotated by a shop and they put the lugs on so tight I could not loosen the up with a straight tire iron. Let me tell you I paid almost $30 for a 4 way tire iron, but I did get a great grayling hole with the purchase.
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