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    Been so long since I qualified, where are the BOO @ September 15??? Hunted Hicks Creek years ago but I understand the hill from hell has worsened over time. To old to fight with it. Any Ideas?????
    Thanks Louie

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    nelchina hicks creek

    I have hunted this area many years. As a matter of fact i rolled a three wheeler down that hill. Going up it on the left side is not to bad,and having the 6 wheeler makes it easier. It is still tough but be careful. The bad news is the caribou have not beeen in this area for the last 6 years. We use to always go in and then take a left near the lake work our way up the draw and shoot the animals near a sandy type cliff connecting two valleys. Literally we would wake up at 530 and be cleaning animals by 630 always lots. I headed down a creek before the big hill once when i was alone as i did not wish to attempt the hill by myself. I saw several nice animals. I had to pack it out as the machine could not reach it. I would reccomend the denali or by eureeka. Or if you did go into Hicks creek try to work your way around the lake and head East. I am heading into this country on the 9th but i am still debating on where i will go. Good luck and be careful that hill truly does ---- and has wrecked more then one machine and body! Viktor


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      I saw a lot of caribou a month ago riding Eureka, there was one herd that had to have over 500 animals in it. The majority of them were on the other side of the Little Nelchina.


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        I was around the Little Nelchina in back of Eureka lodge last week. We rode atv's 30 miles back. Rode the flats around the river for about 8 miles and didnt cut one fresh track. Didnt see one boo. Only seen one last Sept when we hunted there.
        I think they are migrating to the east and north


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          was out sheep hunting last sept 15th and saw hundreds of caribou up near the Tsisi Creek drainage, fly in only ,but man, some of the bulls were great, great bulls. every year they are back there late during sept, seen only about three people hunt them out that way.

          Master guide 212


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            I do not hunt this area but I ride Pinochle quite often. Hick's Creek hill can be bad but I do not believe it has worsened over the past 2 years, and the 4x club hammered steaks into the ground on the bad sections. The hill can get bad when there is a high traffic of hunters, but other wise the hill isnt that bad at all. One trip it took me half an hour to make it up the hill on my beastly machine, but that was in a high traffic week.

            I frequently see hunters come out with bou. I do not see many bou in the Hicks Creek section, but these hunters claimed they croosed Caribou Creek and hoofed way up towards Eureka. The last time I crossed Caribou Creek it was tricky, even with my snorkels, I couldnt imagine crossing this creek with a trailer loaded with meat.

            Troopers often sit at the top of Hick's Creek hill waiting for huntings to crest the peak to check their game. I have seen tickets handed out on occasion.


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