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    I have a 15 by 45 spotting scope. Has anyone used this size when sheep hunting/ Is it strong enough? I know it ois a little late to ask as i aready have it but just curious. On a possitive note the one i have is a Leupold wind river and it was suppose to be 100 percent water proff. Last year it got water inside it. I wrote a note and sent it back and recieved a brand new one complete with new straps covers and carrying case. I can say Leupold did stand behind there warranty. The turn around time was less then three weeks. Now that i have it i am thinking if a 20 by 60 might hvae been a better choice/ Opinions/ Thanks Chef Viktor

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    Chef, you'll do most of your spotting in the 20X-30X range. A 60X scope is seemingly useless unless you are into close-up birding etc. Long distances at those powers are often distorted due to heat "waves" and any movement. (wind etc.)
    A 20X-45X should serve you well.

    As for Leupold, well I love their rifle scopes personally, but many think they have compromised their quality on spotters with low prices and "chain store" offerings.
    I would agree.
    Many are raving about L's warranty. Why are they even needing it with a "quality" product?
    A warranty is useless when you are stalking that "possible" full curl ram from two miles and your scope is fogged...
    Proud to be an American!


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      Leupold warranty

      +1 on Fullkurl's comments. I hear A LOT about Leupold's warranty service.


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        gold ring

        I just bought the new High Def. Gold ring spotter and love it. 1,100 is all I could afford to spend, I know some of you guys have thousands to spend on scopes but remember not all of us do.


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          Nikon XL

          Me neither, I spent $275 for my Nikon Xl spotter and it is an awesome scope for the money.


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            Me three...

            I have a Nikon xl II spotter-its new, so no reports yet, it accompanies my Leica geovid binos. I tried to go lighter and more compact this year.
            Leupold just seems to be an ongoing warranty journey for many posters with "Wind River" etc...
            Best, Frank
            Proud to be an American!


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              Frank I have heard about alot of warranty claims with Leupold also, but a few people I know have found them in the garbage and sent them in and got it repaired under warranty. Not many companies that would do that. I have heard good things about that Nikon from more than one person though. Can't wait to hear your and akhunter45's reports.


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                If I were in the market for a new spotting scope I would purchase a Leica, hands down.


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                  Wind Rivers

                  The majority of the bad reports I hear on Leupold optics are from the Wind Rivers line. I have a 15 year old gold ring rifle scope that has never failed me, and the Gold Ring spotting scopes are right up there with the big three. I currently use a Leica 62 for my sheep hunting, but only becuase I found a used one in a camera shop for about half of what they retail for now. For years I used a B&L elite 15-45 (twin of the Nikon XL). The B&L & Nikon will serve a sheep hunter well. I've done side by sides with the B&L and Leica. The Leica is noticeably better, especially in the morning and evenings, but it is also a pound heavier. All that to say if you've only got 300 bucks to spend on a spotter, the B&L or Nikon are excellent choices. Even the old Bushnell Spacemasters did a pretty good job.


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                    Frank, what is the difference between the Nikon XL and the Xl II? I've also had a Leupold Vari-X II on my 270 thats been on there for about 17 years and it works as good as the day I bought it. I have also heard a lot about warranty claims with the Windriver line of bino's and scopes, thats why I stayed away from them.


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                      The XL II's have the extendable sun shade and are a tad heavier.
                      Don't forget about the Burris Spotters. Not the LandMarks, the Signature Spotters.

                      I just bought one "The Spotter" by Burris. 18-45x60mm that is in the same category as the Nikon XL's and Bushnell Elites. Heck, they probably all come out the the same factory in Japan. I bet the glass does at least. They have the sunshade, not that I care about it. Got it on ebay brand new (used but not used) for $250. Still had the Bob Wards price tag of over $500 on sale on the box. Waterproof, shockproof, etc. plus the Burris Forever Warranty. I was ready to buy the first one of these three that I could get for 250. Just happened to be the Burris. I think any of these three scopes is a great value.

                      I would really like to have a Pentax 20-60x65 ED though! Might be worth the extra pound and a half. Maybe someday.
                      A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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                        whoops....double post
                        A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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