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    Hi everyone,

    Well I just bought a new atv and am fairly new to the area and atving at that rate and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on where I could go and check out some areas to explore for hunting. I plan on using the atv for transportation and then walking further in to actually hunt. Looking for mostly moose and sheep areas. Thanks for your time and replies.

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    What areas are you interested in? How far do you want to go? Alaska is a big "area".


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      ATV hunting

      While I am a newbie ATV hunter myself, I can say that there are many trails off the Denali Hwy. I have travelled only one of them personnally. I would be cautious about going in alone though. Its a big world out there and if you get stuck, its a long walk back to the road. I wouldn't want to pack a moose out by myself anyway!!! Unless my four wheeler was able to get close by.

      Good luck to you!


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        I live in Wasilla and would be interested in most any areas you can get to from the highway and then proceed from there. Distance is not necessarily an issue I have heard of going up to 40 miles on some trails and I would not have a problem with that. My buddy also has purchased an ATV so I would not be alone except close to home trips. Thanks for the info.


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