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  • Am I overreacting?

    Before I continue further, let me just say that I understand that Barska products are an economical brand of optics.

    On a hunting trip out west we stopped by Cabelas in NE, my brother-in-law needed a new pair of Binoculars. He didn't have a lot of money and went with some Barska 10x42.

    During the hunting trip I was extremely surprised at the crispness and clarity of the binoculars. I decided to pick some up so I ordered them through Cabela's a month ago. They were defective when I received them, so I sent them back though the mail for an exchange of the exact same product. Just received my new pair today, and same defect! I called Cabelas back and asked if I could get a contact number for Barska, or speak to someone there who could help. They transferred me to a "specialist" and his only reply was, "you get what you paid for." I was very upset, and more upset at myself for not telling this person how it actually was!

    I've never had a problem with Cabelas before, but this has left a sour taste in my mouth. I intend on writing some letters and going from there, but my question to you all is, am I overreacting???

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    Yeah I would be pissed. Did your brother-in-law pay for broken binoculars? Of course not. I'd ask to speak to some form of managament of such and get this worked out.

    I noticed the money issue, but Barska is cheap glass and you do get what you pay for. Nonetheless, you can't skimp on glass, especially in Alaska . . .


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      I don't know anything about Barska but I do shop a lot with Cabelas. You should report the conversation to a supervisor. You do get what you pay for. That adage also applies to Cabelas. I suspect they will send you another pair of binoculars or refund your money.


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        What was the defect?


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          The quality of the binoculars and the defect are irrelevant. The issue is he got "blown off" by an employee of a company that prides itself in quality merchandise and superior customer service.

          I second contacting management.

          Take the refund and apply it towards better bino's
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            Right eyepiece (dipol???) would not turn to get correct focus.


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              I do the same as Erik: and it helped with a lot of things... When writting a letter: Show them your point of view without speaking bad words and request what You can exspect: the value for Your money You paid for. And tell them if it caused trouble: Broken part caused cancelation for a hunting trip etc. so they can feel how you feel.

              In most cases I reached my target with such a letter...


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                factory defects

                So... is the "good" pair of Barska bino's the ones that slipped through quality control? Maybe they are all s'posed to be broke! You know.... like BSA scopes.......

                I'm a big Cabela's fan.... ask to talk with a supervisor... I'd really be suprised if they didn't make it right....

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                  Call 'em back

                  I'd suggest calling them back and talking to customer service again. If you're not happy with it, they'll most likely help you get a different pair. You have to remember too that everyone can have a bad day and perhaps you got to talk to someone who was having just that.

                  Cabela's stands behind what they sell better than anyone.


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                    cheap binos

                    Bummer about the binos, but just to play devils advocate: I used to use cheap binoculars when I started hunting which would last a season or two and then break. Then I would buy a new pair. I got what I paid for but I couldn’t afford expensive binocs and it was better than no binocs. (Actually they worked pretty good until they broke) So I agree with the guy that you get what you pay for and I wouldn’t be too offended at his comment. They didn’t make the binocs or break them and at least they are letting you exchange them. Cabelas only alternative is to not carry cheaper products and then we would have no choices. But I would try another brand of cheap binocs.
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                      last time i was in a Cabela's retail store, which wasn't too long ago, I was looking through the optics selections and found they had a new Pine Ridge bino that is Cabela's own label. Nice binos for the price. I have been a big fan of Cabela's optics for a long time as you get super high quality for a good price.

                      That's one area they have it nailed.

                      If you can, I'd suggest sending back the cheap ones and using the $$$ for some of the Pine Ridge bino's. I'm probably going to buy a pair for my truck.


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                        Nice catalogue but......

                        Optics are no place to skrimp......

                        Personally the lowest quality I'll go is Burris and I've actually upgraded almost everything up to Leupold

                        I have had very good luck with Brunton binoculars

                        My only issue with Cabelas (and the reason I no longer order from them) is they rape you on shipping living in Alaska

                        They charge premium prices for thier items and then turn a handsome profit again on shipping

                        Personally I window shop in their catalogue, then if I want to lay my hands on it I go to Sportsmans warehouse

                        A lot of items you can then find on e-bay for a lot less money

                        Boondocks in Eagle River is actually very price competitive on a lot of things (including optics) and you can lay your hands on the item, try it out, and talk to somebody competent

                        Cheap optics are basically disposable junk ........ what good does a warranty do you when they fog up in the middle of a hunt?


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