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  • Sheep Hunt for my son

    My son is in he marine corps and is coming up August 11th. He wants to go hunting with me his dear old dad, Unfortunately,because I am basically lazy, SHeep hunting seems to be the only animal in season. I have always wanted to go more for the journey than the actually bagging a sheep and so here is my question?

    We will be using a pack horse to bring up our supplies into the talkeetna mts and set up a base camp I already have my spot picked out so no secret locations are need. From there we will be climbing the nearby peaks to hunt carrying a day pack. The base camp is already pretty high up.

    What would you reccomend to be the most essential equipment to take in the day packs?

    Is it safe to leave my pack horse tethered at the base camp?

    Any other useful tips that you can give

    Thanks in advance for your response. Mainly I don't expect to shoot anything but I do want to give myself every chance.


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    In your daypack

    You'll need your spotting scope, water, some food, rain gear (even if it's sunny- it can change fast in the mts.), hat and gloves, basic butchering gear, and some survival stuff (1st aid, matches, space blanket, etc.). Sometimes I'll even bring my sleeping bag and it's paid off by being able to stay on a group of rams through the night.

    Don't know about your horse. Hopefully someone else will chime in on that.


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      The biggest things about bringing horses into sheep country. If there is not enough grass make sure you bring in some feed to supplement. Feet care make darn sure they are shoed right and bring a spare front and rear shoe that are allready shaped plus enough nails. Tethering make sure they are trained right before you take them. I like a foot tether alot of people do not. Horses are not sheep or goats do not make them go into country that is not safe for them. A pasture horse is not a mt horse. Most of the time a horse can go any were you can walk but not always were you can climb. Have fun. Horse


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        Thanks for the info The horse has been to the camp many times and it is a nice meadow with grass and feed. I always bring a little extra for the horse.

        After all he's carrying all my stuff and I don't want to. Heck I'd rather ride in than walk in but when you have two people one horse and a lot of gear I'll walk.


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