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Camp Shoes for BP Hunt?

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  • Camp Shoes for BP Hunt?

    Do you experienced backpack hunters take a pair of "camp shoes"? I have room in the pack, my Asics running sneakers weigh ~1.5lbs/pair plus low-cut smartwools. Weight-wise, I'm at/about my limit though with the pack including rifle, pole, food, water, etc, etc. I'm going on a guided Dall hunt, will be in the field maybe 4-5 days at a time.

    Worth it, or would I just be dragging more stuff in that I'll end up regretting?

    Thanks for the opinions. Bill

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    wouldnt bother...

    Bill, I'd pass on the shoes. The country up high isnt good for anything that doesnt offer higher ankle support anyway.
    I remember a couple years ago camping overnight (before hiking up the creek drainage to hunt) and literally turning my ankle in the rocks near my truck. I was wearing my running shoes. They simply dont do well with rocky terrain.
    For lying around camp, take a pair of slip-on poly socks with a molded bottom (if you really must).
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      Old mocs

      I took an old pair of moccasins with me last year. Weight was minimal and they were handy and comfortable around camp -- sure beat the heck out of having to wear heavy. clunky sheep-hunting boots all the time.

      Good luck.
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        surf shoes

        I like to take a pair of surf shoes ($8.00 at Walmart) if I have the room. They are light and compact well. It is nice to slip into them around camp or when you get up in the night to answer nature's call. They are also good to have around for water crossings deeper than your boots. I have sissy feet and walking barefoot through the rocks sucks! Not sure if I'll have the room within my weight limit this year or not, but if I do... they'll be going with me.

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          cheap flip flops

          Minimum wieght/ price. Really help feet dry/air when Koflachs come off. Can be worn with socks on if colder



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            I also like to take a pair of slip on shoes into camp, like Forestar said earlier, wearing a pair of sheep hunting boots for 8-10 days straight is rough on the ole feet. For me, it's worth the extra 1/2 to 1 lb packing them in.


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              Teva sport sandals have a shrine in my house.
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