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turkeys in alaska?

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  • turkeys in alaska?

    hi there..just want to ask if you also hunt turkeys in alaska?
    William Joseph

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    Hunt turkeys in Alaska
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      No Turkeys But We Hunt Cranes, They Kind Of Gobble?


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        You can hunt turkeys in Alaska...

        There are turkeys in several areas of Alaska now. It's not up to Lower 48 standards tho. Pheasants are taking hold in some areas also.


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          Is There Turkeys Anywhere Else Besides The Kenai Penninsula?


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            At yer local Walmart Super Center I am sure.


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              Turkey hunting in Alaska?

              Originally posted by SeaULater
              There are turkeys in several areas of Alaska now. It's not up to Lower 48 standards tho. Pheasants are taking hold in some areas also.
              I had not heard this. Are these birds escapees from a game farm, or are they spreading here naturally? Where are they, and where did this information come from? Are you sure you can hunt them here? Most or all species not mentioned in the hunting regulations cannot be legally hunted.

              Interesting. I've thought that they might do well in some areas, but until hearing this I thought we were the only state in the country without them.

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                I have seen Turkey's at the russian river. I was told a man use to raise these birds and finally was tired of raising them so he let them go several years ago. They have taken hold, but I do not know if they have grown in population size.
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                Gary Keller
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                  When I worked at ADFG we'd get random reports of turkeys. Portage valley was one spot. Phaesants are plentiful down around Homer. Mike-page 110 of the new hunting regs: Feral Non-Native Game Birds, no closed season, no limit. Of course the homer police might not appreciate you slinking around the Carrs store phaesant hunting.


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                    no hunting or trapping in city limits...

                    and that is where most of the pheasants are.
                    never heard of any turkeys down here.
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                      Girdwood had a real good population of turkeys started on the hillside west of the community. They fared well up there, with little snow and warmer temps, due to the inversion factor. Some G I's from Ft Rich got wind of it and hit them pretty hard, leaving only a few. But they are beginning to come back now. They had a difficult time hunting them on the steep slopes, but were very successful.
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                        Turkeys in Alaska?

                        Sure we send a mess of them to Juneau every so often... They must like the temperate climate. Of course they do have some run ins with the jackasses that have taken hold down there....


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                          ADF&G gets quite a few reports on turkeys in Alaska. The Birchwood area north of Anchorage has a few that have escaped from their pens. Also, Cooper Landing has a small population (escaped pets) that seems to be surviving. Both Pt. McKenzie and Homer have a few pheasants that have made it through a winter or two also. But, there's no place quite like the Eagle River Car Wash, where you might see rabbits, chickens,ducks, pheasants, quail, turkeys and an occasional peacock on a good day.


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                            Is this post concerning man or bird???
                            Answer: Yes to former! not sure of latter?


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                              turkey hunting

                              While turkey hunting is a passion of mine, and I go outside every spring to hunt the birds; I don't know that I would specifically set out to hunt turkeys in Alaska....even with the scattered reports of birds being here and there. There is nothing like hearing gobbler sound off in the early morning hours and be answered by several others surrounding you!

                              Too many big game animals to hunt here in this great State. Thankfully, April is turkey season and hunting really hasn't begun too much here yet.


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