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    My wife was in a good mood and bought me a new pair of Lowa hunter boots. The question i have is the label said do not oil and to spray on a water repellent? I have always used mink oil on my leather boots. I put it on very liberaly even when they were new. Does anyone know the reason this is not recomended for the Lowas? Has anyone used mink oil with either negative or positive results? Please let me know as i do not waish to screw up a 300 dollar pair of boots! How does everyone like there Lowa boots? Thanks Chef Viktor

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    I love my Lowa hikers, they are excellent boots that fit and feel good right out of the box. I went to the Lowa website yesterday and it appears that they are discontinueing the Sheep hunter line of boots. Enjoy your boots Chef!!


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      I Think

      I THINK, but am not positive, that many companies discourage oiling a boot that is gortex just to prevent eliminating the breathability of them. I always apply plenty of oil/boot grease anyway and just deal with a more sweaty foot. Don't know anything about your particular boots, but this may be the case with them. If it were me I'd protect the leather and grease away, but it would be worth confirming my philosophy before taking action on it. I'm pretty happy with the performance of Nik Wax.

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        I too love my Lowa's, Tibet GTX, which is the shorter version of the Sheep Hunter. Fit is perfect for narrower heels and average toe box, and thus far they have worn very well although the true test is yet to come.

        The Tibet and Sheep Hunter (Hunter GTX Extreme) are still on Lowa's website, although hard to find elsewhere and must not be a big seller. I hope they do not discontinue these.

        Reg the treatment, from Lowa's website:

        How To Waterproof and Condition Your Boots

        Waterproofing and conditioning the leather will extend the life of your boots. Treat the outside of your boots with a water-based waterproofing product. WE RECOMMEND Grangers and Nikwax products.
        • These brands have special formulas for Nubuck/Suede leather, Fabric/Leather, smooth leathers, etc. Follow product instructions for initial and re-application.
        For leather-lined boots, follow the above instructions for the outside of your boots, AND use saddle soap to clean the inside leather lining. NOTE: All waterproofing and conditioning products may slightly darken the color of the leather but this will have no impact on boot performance.


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          Sheep hunters

          One of the salesman at Schnees said that they would be carrying the sheep hunter renamed as Schnees Sheep Hunter. This is what I heard a while back. Thngs change. I can check tomorrow when I go downtown.


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            Scnees catalog

            I got a Scnees catalog in the mail yesterday. They are still selling both the Sheep hunter and the Tibet. The sheep hunter is featured on the back cover with a price of 280. They are also in the shoe section listed at 295. Looks like they goofed on pricing to me.


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              scnees boots line ?

              It almost looks like Scnees is going to have a sheep hunter boot made for them by Lowa. Kind of like the meindl made for cabelas.
              Just guessing because I saw the price difference & the Scnee's looks a bit darker & has scnees sheep hunter as the title / model. On the other is Lowa sheep hunter , hmmm


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                boot oil

                Ive had some lowas and i think they dont want you to use stuff like mink oils because of I think that animal fats can rot over time and it will break down the leather when the oil decomposes. It might shorten the life of the boots. Thats why they want you to use a synthetic product.


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