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    After 16 years of applying for tags, I finally drew one. My dad and I actually drew party tags for GMU 3 Elk. I've heard it's a tough hunt on both Etolin and Zarembo island, but I've only been around SE AK for about two months.

    It's my understanding that the majority of the elk are on Etolin Island with a few on Zarembo as well. Which would you hunt and why? Would you hunt from the shore by boat, hike up and camp, or travel the logging roads? If you have any pointers on calling, spot and stalk techniques, or any other advice, I'd sure appreciate it. Any list you might have of things that are good to bring along would be great. What worked, what didn't advice is great too! I certainly don't expect us to both get an elk, but it would be nice if one of us made out well.

    One more thing... I heard that there is a landing craft in Wrangell that will transport people/gear to the islands. Anyone have their name and number?

    Send me a PM or e mail if you don't want to post on here. Thanks, James.

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    Congratulations! I haven't hunted SE elk, but I've talked to one or two who have. Word is the elk like one side of Etolin, and all the good boat anchorages are on the other. I'd say you're looking at some hard hiking: pack like you were walking in for sheep, hunt elk.

    The area management biologist from Fish & Game will be a huge help. Get good maps, give him/her a call, and go in to talk about elk habitat and where they spot the herd. Odds are good the AMB will tell you whatever past hunters have told him/her about the hunt. Go ahead and ask for whatever the AMB can tell you from old harvest reports.

    General case: as long as you're respectful of their time and make it clear you respect the resource, ADF&G management biologists are a great wealth of information.

    Good luck with your hunt!


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      S.E. Elk Hunting Info

      Don't know whether to congratulate you or give you my condolences . . . .

      This is not an easy hunt by any means. My kid drew the DE318 bow hunt tag last year. I talked him out of it for the following reasons: (1) cost; (2) my time off from work (3) his lack of experience with the bow [0 kills and no big game animals shot at] and (4) camping in Sept/Oct is not my cup ' tea anymore.

      A buddy and his kid tried the bow hunt last year. They hunted on Zarembo and heard/saw some the first day at 200 yds. Nuttin' after that.

      I know several folks who went on the rifle hunt and came back empty handed.

      I do have a couple of successfull hunt stories scanned and some pics of elk taken with both bow and rifle. One article from the Petersburg Pilot and one from the Wrangell Sentinel. I can e-mail or post to FTP for those interesed.



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        read here

        go to this link and click on Elk 2004.
        it is the most up to date harvest report and managment concerns that is posted for all of alaskan Elk. I have not read about the Elk you will be hunting but it was helpful for me regarding the Afognak Elk, I am sure it will be the same. It is kind of hard to read on the moniter so I had to print it out.
        good luck


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          Good Luck!

          I'll congratulate you Burton! Glad somebody got drawn for something. Six from my family put in for all those cow and bull moose tags here this year and got nada. Luck of the draw! I'll be askin' your dad for stories when he gets back.

          By the way, how are you liking life on the island?

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