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  • Bogen-Manfrotto Tripod

    Thinking about trying one of the Bogen brand tripods and pistol grip head system. I've looked at various tripods; # 3205GN3, 3001 B Pro, and the 3001 BN. Without having one in my hands its hard to tell which model would be best for a hunting. I will mainly use it for a spotting scope w/ a 65mm tube. For my application I need to find a balance between lightweight, user freindly, and DURABILITY. Anyone have experince with different Bogen tripod models?

    How about their pistol grib head w/ quick-release system, #3265?

    Right now I'm using a tripod & head made from Outdoorsmans in Arizona. Its a little heavy, (made from Aluminum) but very durable. In fact its the ONLY tripod that I've never broke!

    good hunting..>Byron Lamb

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    Bogen tripods

    Are excellent! I am an avid photographer and I used to shoot semi-pro as a wedding photographer. I prefer them over others I have tried. The one I use is the 3025. It has no center post and can be used very close to the ground. It is also very sturdy while still being lightweight and fairly compact.
    I have an adapter that allows me to mount 2 camera's on the tripod at one time. I shoot both 35mm (digital) and medium format, and normally had one of each on the tripod at a time. The tripod handles them well and I have I have even used my 4x5 view camera on it even though it is a bit small for that.
    I'm not totally familiar with all their models but I doubt you would regret owning one.
    A close friend of mine is a Wildlife Photographer (he just returned from Alaska on a Griz shoot). He also uses Bogen, and uses BIG HEAVY lenses and uses the equipment hard.... never heard him say a bad thing....
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      Don't remember the model, but bought at Barney's a long time ago. Best I have ever owned. Expensive though.
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        Pistol Grip

        I have a Bogen Tripod with a pistol grip. It is awesome. Not very light though. I don't take it on walk in sheep hunt, but for caribou and moose it is great. Makes the scope adjustments so much smoother and easy. My .02....

        I am glad I bought the pistol grip.


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          weights and measures

          I'll weigh my 3025 and get the dimensions if you like. I believe most Bogens come without a head so you get to pick the one that suits you best and you can buy extra's for different needs.
          I paid $75.00 for mine and maybe another $25.00 for the head....
          In this world of $1000.00 spotting scopes and $2000.00 rifles that aint bad!

          ciao ya'll

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          I'm 51..... thats 12 in man years.....


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            Byron: I had a client and his camera man utilize their Bogen's this spring on a brown bear hunt. They mounted their 15X56 Swarovski binoculars and spotting scopes on them. The quality, flexibility and smooth operation of these tripods made a believer out of me. (They are both guides outside and do a tremendous amount of glassing in wide open spaces, similar to the country you're in.) Being outnumbered 2 to 1, and with their optics and tripods, they glassed up a lot of game. It's amazing the amount of animals that you can see when you can really study the terrain with a comfortable position and a steady platform. The Bogen's offer this opportunity. There's some on E-Bay that will save you from paying full price. Reuben sure got a great deal on his Bogen. Best wishes on finding one reasonably priced.


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              We have used a 3001 for over 30 years and beat the stuffings out of it. Still going like the Energizer bunny. Best thing about Bogen is access to parts, which are cheap. Things break or wear out no matter what you buy or spend, but it's easy to get parts for Bogen through a camera store and do the repairs yourself. The pistol grip head will support the weight of your glass with no sweat. Buy both and never look back.
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                Lightweight tripod


                Are you in the Anchorage area?

                I have a small optics business here in town and have a lightweight tripod simalar to the outdoorsmans tripods and bogen systems. I have sold several dozen of them to sheep hunters, give me a P.M. and you can do some field tests for me.



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                  As a professional wildlife photographer who has used the smaller Bogen's (3011 and 3021) for years I can attest they are bullet proof but they are heavy. The pistol grip is fine but the ball head is better.
                  If you can afford to upgrade I would recommend the Gitzo carbon fiber series. Yes they are expensive but in the long run they are worth every penny. The carbon fiber also will not transmit the cold to your hands. If you decide to stay with the Bogen I would purchase it from B&H photo in NY.
                  As with any tripod avoid using the center post. No sense spending money on a tripod and then only using one thin metal tube to support what you are using.


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                    Pistol grip vs. Ball head

                    When you refer to "Pistol grip", are you referring to the likes of model 322RC2 or would this be considered as a "ball head"? I ask this question since the particular model is described as "grip action ball head".

                    Also I was looking at 785SHB w/ head which only weighs about 2 lbs and has 4 sectional legs...the down side is it is rated to support up to 2.2 lbs. Would you recommend such compact/light tripod? I assume lighter and more compact would be better. My 65mm scope weighs about the upper limit of its rated support weight.

                    Thanks for your time in advance.




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                      Excellent advice

                      As a professional photographer with years of experience, I second everything that Snowwolfe said.


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