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Tikka T3 Lite with Talleys (screws dont fit)

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  • Tikka T3 Lite with Talleys (screws dont fit)

    I have read about this a couple times on other forums with no response as to whether or not they figured out how to make them fit. I bought a new Tikka that didn't come with Rings as they arent doing that anymore (including rings) the price is lower for the ones without rings which is cool. I bought the Talleys that are on my 300WM T3 and the screws wont go into the receiver on my 270. Anyone encounter this situation and if so did you find the right screws? I know there are other systems out there but I really like the Talleys. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Contact GentryCustom out of Bozeman Montana. They make one badassk set of rings and bases that are stronger and lighter than any others. Quick turn around. Sweet Quiet Muzzle Brakes also!


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      You are not losing your mind. I had the exact same thing happen to me. It turns out the Tikka lets a few rifles slip into the USA that are supposed to be sold in Europe. As a result, the recievers are tapped for metric screws. I went through talley's and a set of burris bases to prove this to myself. I finally settled for Warne maxima rings that I bought at sportsmans warehouse. The clamp onto the dovetail just like the tikka rings do, thus avoided needing to have something screwed into the receiver. The Warne's seem solid and they have a recoil post that sets into the built in hole on the Tikka's. I have a lighter caliber (270wsm) but I haven't had any problems and I think they look nice. Good luck.


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        wyo_shortmag, thats what I thought I had read about somebody else going through this. Thats what I was going to go with most likely anyway. A buddy has the Warnes on his 338 T3 after he stripped the screws on his originals, and if the scope dont slip on hs 338 it **** sure wont slip on a 270.


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