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  • Dc001

    I'm an AK res, past 10 years and finally drew caribou, DC001. I lived in Kodiak up until last year; have done plenty of deer, sheep, goat hunting; and harvested all the above. But, I haven't hunted caribou yet, and I haven't hiked the resurrection trail. I have some ideas for access to the herd. But, I'm interested in other's experience doing this hunt. (I have been to the antlerworks web site.)

    I understand the odds are low. So, I'm thinking about paying the money to go in on horseback since that appears to be the best option to get to the right country. However, I'm not opposed to considering other options. Has anyone flown in? What air charter might be good to consider; one that knows the herd? Is the Chickaloon or Resurrection Cr floatable with an inflatable canoe (Aire Traveller), if so how high? I'd like to hike or bike but so far I'll be by myself if I choose that route. I'm not looking for "the spot". But any other input might help me make my decissions.


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    Shoot me a private message. I've had this permit twice, with success once. I've also taken two others in on this hunt, again with a 50% success rate. There are animals available for the walk-in hunter, but you've got to be willing to go long and go often (multiple weekend trips over the fall) while looking for low-density animals. Awesome terrain to spend the weekends in, though.

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      Hi gr8AK, A friend and I have also drawn DC001 and are trying to research this hunt. With the one place I checked the horse option seems to run about $1500, more money than I really want to put out. Have you have success with info on a fly in. I think a drop off and pick up might be cheaper and less troublesome. As I find out any thing I'll let you know. Good luck aknmex


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        Hey Guys-
        I haven't been as lucky as you to draw DC001, but one thing that I was toying with if I was to draw was a walk in/fly out option. Perhaps call (one of ?) the flight service (s?) in Cooper Landing and arrange a pickup at either Juneau or Trout lake on your last day. That way you could have a quick trip out with your heavy load, and save a few dollars as well. Just a thought, hope it helps.



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          I'm not sure of the specifics, but I know that there are flight restrictions in the Kenai Refuge (which this hunt area is a part of). You can't fly below a certain elevation, so I'm not sure how that affects being dropped off/picked up. If you're willing to walk, though, you can be successful on foot!


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            fly out

            The walk in fly out sounds like a good option. Good suggestion. Sounds like I'd have to go into a forest service lake. I haven't explored flight prices yet because up until today I assumed I had a partner for the horse back trip. He backed out.

            Right now, I'm looking at solo options. So, hiking out is not an option. I'm game for a three man walk in/out or fly out. If your interested, shoot me a private.

            Otherwise, anyone out there want to do a horseback moose/caribou combo. I've researched that a bit. The prospects sound real promissing.



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              flight service suggestions

              Anyone have any flight service suggestions for the DC001 area?



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                B_M, That is a great looking caribou bull! I've seen some nice ones from the Kenai Mts herd and yours is right up there.


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                  I'd call Natron Air.


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