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    Hey there,
    Anyone ever use any of the mineral based deer attractants like "deer cain" or salt licks. I know this is largly used for whitetails, but have not heard of any blacktail use. I suppose attracting bears may be a side affect for the sweet licks. I also am not sure about legality.
    Any thoughts?

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    I would like to know too

    I have always wonder if those items work. I almost bought "Cmere Deer" thinking it may attract deer more.

    Has anyone else tried it??



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      Legality is a valid question. Page 15, 2006-2007 regulation book states: "You may not take game by intentionally or negligently feeding deer, elk, moose, bear, wolf, coyote, fox or wolverine or intentionally leaving human food, animal food or garbage in a manner that attracts these animals., except you may hunt wolves, coyote, fox and wolverine with bait." There are also provisions for hunting black bear over bait in certain areas and even grizzly. Bait is further defined as sny material excluding scent lures placed to attract an animal by its sense of smell or taste. So it does not seem that using mineral based attractants for deer in Alaska would be legal.


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        In most states it is illegal to hunt deer from a bait people use the salt lick type things is to get deer moving through certian areas, kinda like herding them w/o actually doing it. I don't see why it wouldn't be legal as long as you were so far away from the site of the lick, just like a bear bait site if you don't hold a bait permit you have to be a certian distance away from it to legally hunt that area.


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          Cows love salt, deer love me.
          Add some loose salt on a flat rock months before you hunt......the rain will beat it in the rock and the taste will stay there for a long time even though you can't see it.
          New rain will bubble it back up.


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            Say whuh?

            I'm new here and definitely NOT the ethics police but sharing innovative ways to break game laws without getting caught has no place here or on any other hunting forum. Baiting any game animal except black bears as allowed in the hunting regs is ILLEGAL. Period.

            Administrator please nuke pointblank's last post
            If cave men had been trophy hunters the Wooly Mammoth would be alive today


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              I grew up hunting whitetails and I will tell you, I've tried quite a few of those attractants. Most just turned out to be gimmicks. The only thing I found that worked consistently were estrus scents, then tey would only be effective when they were used at the right time during the rut. Be careful what you spend your money on.


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                deer and salt

                There is an easy and legal way to use salt to attract deer. Hunt a beach at low tide especially a low tide and especially in December after the rut but I have shot nice bucks and does on the beach at low tide from Aug. 1 until Dec. 31. Most have been on a minus tide in the a.m. The deer lick rocks and eat kelp for the minerals and salt especially big bucks after the rut.


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