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    I was trying to get an idea of what some of you are zeroing your rifles for when sheep hunting. I have had a few people tell me dead on at 300 yards. Just trying to get some different ideas. Thanks.

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    I zero my rifle for the greatest distance at which I can keep all of my shots in an 8" circle from a field position.


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      What caliber rifle?


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        Me too

        I do also as Chisana, I zero in so that I shoot within 8 inch at the greatest distanced I ancitipate.

        So, for a 338 WM, 3 inch high at 100yds, 306, 3-4 inch high at 100yd, etc...



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          I am shooting my 300wsm. Not sure of the load yet. Currently trying some 165g and 180g bullets.


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            I have a Win 300WSM and found that the winchester 180gr factory loads performed well out to 300 yds, holding a 5-6 inch grouping. I sighted for dead on at 200 yds. In doing that, you can hold dead on the animal out to 200 and still hold "on hair" for about a 5-6 inch bullet drop out to 300 yards. My 2cents...

            Good luck on your hunt......


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              I sight in at the max distance that keeps the bullet from striking more than 3 above point of aim from muzzle out.
              Using my .300WM, 165G (~3100fps) this puts it dead on at 276 yards and about 2.5 high at 100. This lets me hold center of critter for as far out as I even want to shoot.
              Shot my last sheep at 25 yards, so think about both ends of the spectrum.
              This program can help a lot:


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                I agree with dave. No more than 3" high @ 100yds. Your gun should have no problem with a 300 yd zero.Most people cannot shoot acurately beyond 300. So sight in with what you feel is comfortable. Most shots in the field are impracticale beyond 400. ie wind/ critter movement. Good luck


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                  Thanks a lot to everyone who provided input.


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                    200 yard zero,a laser range finder accompanying your knowledge of your caliber and bullet ballistics should get the job done, just remember when shooting extremely uphill and downhill you always shoot high.


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                      I shoot 250 gr. Nozler Partitons through my .338 Win Mag. I sight in for 3.2" high at 100 yards, this puts me dead on at 167yards and 4" low at 300 yards. Wooters did a great article on this several years ago. This gives you the 8" kill zone almost everyone is in agreement with.
                      Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty.


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