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Terror Lake /Hidden Basin Goats --DG473

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  • Terror Lake /Hidden Basin Goats --DG473

    I drew this tag for this year's goat hunt and I'm trying to get a gameplan going. Anybody got any experience for this Kodiak tag? Any advice is appreciated!
    Thanks, Renee (Mrs. Fullkurl)
    Proud to be an American!

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    goat hunt


    I've done a few goat hunts on Kodiak, though not 473. I'm doing 471 this year. I have flown over 473 and talked to other folks about it. I lived on Kodiak for 5 years.

    A couple things: You'll want to give yourself at least a week and plan on only a day or two of good hunting weather. Plan a couple of extra days of leave at your job in case you aren't picked up on schedule. I recommend a heavy gr 3006 round or magnum cartridge since goats go down hard and tend to pop back up even when hit in the engine room. Finally, get ahold of Jack Lechner of Cub Air 486-5851. He's got a super cub on floats, so he can get you in to places no one else can. He's also inexpensive. And most importantly he knows the country and goats better than anyone. He does the F&G surveys. If you want an excellent mount, I've been using Kodiak Taxidermy and he does amazing goats 486-4883, By the way, I'm not affiliated with either.



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      anybody with DG473 specifics??

      thanks Gr8t, We hunted the Zachar for goats last year, we have the basics down pretty well. And we use Roland Rouse out of Seahawk air, he's also a pro.
      I'm still looking for someone whos hunted this Terror Lake area............ Thanks for the help!
      Proud to be an American!


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