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  • Blister management

    Ok, with sheep hunting almost here and training in high gear, what is the best way to cover, treat and reduce the pain and expansion of the blister. I have used new skin and it works ok and disinfects. Just wondering what the pro's use.


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    Mole Skin. Cut it larger than the blister, and stick it on.



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      I'm no Pro and I don't want to be a smart alek but I think prevention really is the best medicine. I believe that with proper fitting boots well broke in, footbeds, and good socks you can be blister free. Change wet socks often. Moisture and heat/friction causes the blister. If you start to feel ANYTHING at all that may be a hot spot stop and fix it.

      Three years ago I went on a 10 day 50 mile round trip sheep hunt packing 70-100 lbs. Some of the days were very warm thus adding to sweating feet. Not one blister or even a hot spot. I attribute it to good fitting boots and footbeds and merino wool socks. Last moose season hiking in the hills I got one small blister in boots that weren't quite broke in. This summer packing for sheep hunting with 85lbs they are great, no probs.

      You can put rubbing alchohol on your feet a couple times a day for a while and that helps toughen up the skin. You can also try covering problem areas with duct tape ahead of time. I have done this while breaking in boots. You have to fit it really good though. No creases.

      Having said all that I do carry moleskin also.
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        Blister treatment recommendation

        This is what I use for anyone that I'm hiking/hunting with that needs it. I've also read that many extreme sports folks (eco-challenge,..etc.) swear by this system.

        Cut an oval piece of moleskin out that is approximately 1/2 " larger than the blister on all sides. Prep the area with an alcohol patch. Let it dry, then apply Tincture of Benzoin (available at REI or ?) with a Q-tip a little wider than the moleskin's patch size. Let the Benoin dry (~3 minutes), then carefully peel the plastic backing off of the moleskin and apply to the blister. Start by pressing in the center and work your way out.

        This is a great way to prevent blisters from happening, too. If you feel any "hot spots", stop, dry your feet, and follow the suggestion above.

        This patch job will hold for at least 2-3 days and up to a week - depending on how wet you allow your feet to get.

        Warning - do not try and remove the moleskin in less than a day, as it may take your skin with it!



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          If you do get a blister make sure at night you use a sterilized needle and pop it and squeeze every ounce of puss out of it and let it dry out as much as possible over night. If it continually fills up (after 2-3 days of draining it) stick a needle and thread all the way through it and tie off the string into a loop so you can at your leasuire w/o sterilizing needles pull the string back and fourth to open it up again to drain. Make sure you don't open a big hole to drain the blister, you want the skin that is there to protect the "open wound". The fluid is what make the blister hurt, also if you don't drain them they can get infected and hurt extremly bad. The biggest thing is to drain and drain often and keep dry.


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            Also w/ moleskin cut a hole around the blister like a donut. After you drain it the skin will come off fairly easy. If that happens you are in for a lot of pain. Second skin is great for this, drain blister put gel patch on it(cools and sooths the blister) then put the moleskin type stuff on its great stuff.


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              Blister Care

              The key to a blister is prevention. Once you feel the hot spot coming on you need to stop and put on mole skin. I have found the best way to make it stick is with silver duct tape. As all sheep hunters know you only take what you need and duct tape is a necessity. This process has helped me numerous times and I'm sure it wont fail for you.


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                Once the blister pops you could try rinsing the skin underneath with rubbing alcohol. Try this before you go to bed. I've used this method before and by the next morning the pain is usually all gone. You'll still want to cover it though. Yes, it can very painful to do this.
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                  Second Shawn's Reco

                  The moleskin/benzoin combo works very well as Shawn has stated above. The benzoin can be hard to find, I tried a couple places until a pharmacy clerk at a Walgreen's had it behind the counter. I have no idea what the stuff is, what it’s normally used for or if it has any medicinal value on your sore feet but I do know that the benzoin acts like a super-activator for the moleskin adhesive, that's why you have to leave it on for a few minutes before applying the moleskin, you'll actually feel it getting tacky as it dries. It makes the moleskin adhesive really hang in there and keeps it from winding up as a little rolled up ball in your sock. I wouldn't do a hunt that involved hiking without it.


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                    another product

                    No clue what “the pros” use. Dave tries hard not to get the darn things, but if and when they show up you can bring some great bandages made by Johnson and Johnson that both cover and act as a pad. Wish I could remember the specific name, will add later. They are pretty obviously different from regular bandages because they have a pocket in the middle of a funny looking bandage that resembles a blister it’self. Also fairly spendy. In any case look in the bandage section (not foot section) at Wally world. They come in three sizes with the largest being perfect for a heel blister. I always carry a few and they have been life savers.


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                      Rub Salt in it and DRIVE ON!!!



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                        as promised

                        Name is bandaid active flex, per above.


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                          When I start to get a hot spot. I stop and change socks and put athletic tape on the the hot spot. You don't cut a hole in the tape, just put it directly over the hot spot. If you do this you wouldn't get a blister, I promise. Caution, This will not work if it has progressed to a blister.


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