Upper Ship Creek moose hunt



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  • Upper Ship Creek moose hunt

    My son drew a 447 moose permit for upper ship creek above the base boundary. Anyone here know anything about that hunt?



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    plenty of them


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      I would imagine there are lots of bears up there. Not to worry, I'll take my garbage can, bear proof of course, and set it out no earlier than 8am as per Ranger Ricks and Mayor Baggages expert recomendations.



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        I drew a tag for the earlier hunt, I was wondering if anyone who hunted their last year has anything to say about it, I have been back their looking around and it appears it going to be a real good time packing the meat out. Does anyone know if their is alot of moose back their at all. The hunt covers a pretty good range but I cant see that their is even close enough moose to cover eveyone who has a permit.


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          upper ship creek

          I have hunted this area for many years. The bottom line is it is a long hike to the boundary, close to two miles and all up hill on the way out. You can enter either on the trail near the missle sight or side hill around the ski slope. If you side hill then you will haave to drop down as the trail ends in a bunch of alders. There is one fairly large hill. There are many bears as a matter of fact we always see brown bears. There are some large bulls and we always see cows. It is all non motorized, with three guys and some strong backs you should be able to do it. Good luck. Chef


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            careful what you wish for

            I'd highly recommend a scouting trip so you know what you are getting into. There are moose in the valley but chef vic is right... Even under the best of circumstances it is a tough hunt. And it can be brutal...

            I know by looking at it on a map and or driving along arctic valley rd. you can easily be fooled into thinking the hunt is a slam dunk...

            Trust me, I've been there done that on more than one occassion...

            Hike down the trail to the river, fill your pack w/ 100 lbs of rocks and then turn around and hike out... Now do that 5-7 times and tell me I'm wrong...

            Good Luck


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              Go in from Eagle River

              If you go in from the south fork trailhead it isn't too bad. I packed a moose out of there several years ago. It is a pretty steep climb up and down, but it can be done. And there are lots of big bulls down there, but they will be low on an early hunt down by the creek. Lots of bear there also I have taken 2 blackies out of there, except that was over 6 miles back.


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                When I was in the military, I used to work with range control, they told me to park by the gate (military side, usually closed) of the ski area and start side hilling by the buildings (theres a small trail). when you come to where the cables from the lift anchor into the ground, you are now in the state park., its really not far and you will know when you get there cuz, alot of people will probably be there glassing. from that point you can see into the valley pretty good.

                Be sure and check into the boundaries. what I was told and where everybody was hunting may not make it right. I wasnt hunting moose. Alot of bears. Alot of lynx also.lynx isnt open at that point, but ALOT.....


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                  Thanks! All your responses are appreciated.
                  We took a run up there last night and looked it over. Yep, tough hunt anyway you cut it. Also talked to someone that had that hunt last year and spent a few days mucking around. The best way seems to go in with a few guys and camp in a good area and go from there.
                  We saw plenty of bear sign everywhere we went in, so yes, lot's of bruins to deal with potentially.
                  We'll see how the weather and time shapes up come Sept and go from there.

                  Thanks again



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