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  • Dm 446/447

    Has anyone out there hunted this area before (ship creek above Fort Richardson)? It looks like it would be extremly difficult to access. I haven't looked too in depth at a map, but from what I see you would have to walk in. Any suggestions on getting back there would be great. I am debating on entering the drawing for one of these tags, but that is a long ways to pack a moose!!!


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    Nahhh, you don't wanna hunt there, thats a lot of work and the moose are small anyways.


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      It's horrible back there

      I even hear that the "boogie man" has been spotted there. I'm for sure staying out!

      NO motorized access once off the road, so if you've got goats or mules you're okay. I wouldn't go near a "boogie man" with less than a .416.



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        ft rich ship creek moose

        I have hunted this area for many years. It takes about 30 minutes of fast pace hiking to get to the boundary. There is a fair amount of mud. I have seen grizzleys in there twice last year on the 4 trips i took. The teail is well used be weekend hunters and horses. It is very thick near the creek. We took one moose from that area 20 plus years ago when the season was open late and the leaves were down. I still remember how tough it was. The area is well patrolled by fish and game as there are many people using it. The area was also restricted after 911 the first year. If you had a cow permit you would probably do good but it will be tough!


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          Ship creek drainage

          Another thing to keep in mind.... This property is owned by the military and they have been known to shut down access for various reasons at very inopportune times. So, even though you may have a tag, you may not be able to get to your area without hiking over from up Hiland Rd. or Bear valley. (a very long hike)

          The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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