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DB204 Kiliuda Bay Kodiak Bear

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  • DB204 Kiliuda Bay Kodiak Bear

    I was wondering if anyone has hunted Kiliuda Bay for brown bear. My wife got a tag for this db204 area. I have never hunted Kodiak Island but it being a fall hunt (Nov3-17) I plan on rain, fog, wind and possibly snow. If anyone knows of this area any info would be greatly appreciated. Are there good salmon streams, will the salmon be running this late and also how are deer populations in this part of the island. She is pumped about the tag and we would love any info.

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    I've never hunted Kiliuda, but have spent a few weeks working in there during spring bear season about a dozen years ago. Kiliuda is fairly steep inland with more gently rolling hills near the shore. There are a fair amount of alders down low. Most of the better camp sites were on the north side of the bay from my recollection, but your pilot will know a good spot to put you. We camped near a small spit between Rocky Morgan's lodge and Shearwater Bay. Pretty much in the middle on the north side. I would bring an inflatable with outboard. There might still be a few old silvers around in the main creek flowing into Kiliuda. Should be a few deer around as well as goats, it's a nice spot.


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